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Shooting Range Industries is a global provider of state-of-the-art shooting range solutions. Our expertise in range design combined with our innovative range equipment meets the growing demands for today’s shooting range industry. Shooting Range Industries offers the quality and safety to meet all of your shooting range needs.


Shooting Range Industries offers outstanding value for state of the art shooting ranges for firearms professionals and enthusiasts in need of an improved capacity to provide live fire training. The Principals of Shooting Range Industries have owned and operated one of the largest mechanical contracting firms in Nevada since 1966. We provide quality shooting range solutions for all applications. Call us today to discuss your needs and let us show you how we can put our experience and expertise to work for you.



The principal element in the design and construction of every SRI product is shooting safety. Multifaceted space management engineering permits enough room for an instructor and student to shoot while keeping the focus downrange and maintaining the maximum safeguards. The innovative design of SRI stalls maximizes the number of lanes an area can facilitate, while dimension design lends to better shooter orientation, comfort and protection. The fabrication of SRI shooting stalls consists of double steel jacketed walls and sport court carpeting trimmed with high-tech, durable stainless steel.


Call us today for a free consultation to discuss your needs and give us the opportunity to show you why Shooting Range Industries is the global leader in Shooting Range Solutions.



A recent news article highlights a project built by Shooting Range Industries for he National Guard in Nevada.
The Air Guard has a new climate-controlled modular shooting facility. It’s the first and only one in the National Guard. The new Modular Containerized Small Arms Training Set Facility has a long name, but a simple purpose. It is designed to allow guardsmen to meet annual training qualifications and prepare for deployment. For the first time, they can do it without leaving base.
“This is a really special facility that we have here and I’m very proud that we do,” said Governor Brian Sandoval.
The Nevada Guard has a new tactical weapon in its arsenal: a 6,000-square foot training facility. Governor Sandoval says it is a big win for the Silver State. “It’s made by a company in North Las Vegas, Nevada that is owned by veterans, that is run by veterans.”
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The modular containerized small arms training sets (MCSATS®), as its name implies, utilizes a prefabricated and modular design concept. Prefabrication of the units was done by a company in Nevada and then shipped to the Hawaii Air National Guard where it was assembled on an empty asphalt area on the HIANG’s compound.


Because of this, many of the pre-construction costs, such as engineering, architecture and site prep were minimized. Its modular design allows it to be disassembled and moved to another location should the need arise.


The MCSATS has 12 shooting lanes and is fully enclosed with heating, ventilation and cooling systems. Everything from target control to shooting environment is monitored and adjusted from a master control room.


Depending on the training requirements, lighting systems can simulate low light or night time shooting conditions, and an automated target retrieval system makes feedback to the shooter timely and convenient.


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