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2016 Summer Olympics Shooting Competition Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun Events; Gold Medal to Ginny Thrasher & Bronze Medals to Kim Rhode & Corey Cogdell-Unrein

The Summer Olympics host 15 different shooting events. Covering a range of talented shooters all competing for the gold medal and to be recognized as the top in their field. The Olympic Shooting event is broken up into nine men’s events and six women’s events in three different disciplines, with five events for rifles, five for pistols and five for shotguns. Shooting Range Industries would like to talk about the different shooting events held in the Olympics.

Olympic Rifle Shooting Events

50m Rifle 3 Positions – This event is offered for both women and men. Each has to shoot from 3 positions; kneeling, standing and the prone position. Trying to hit a target that’s about 55 yards away, both men and women use a 0.22 inch caliber rifle. Given limited time they will cycle through the positions in trying to get them the most points.
50m Rifle Prone – This competition is only eligible for men in the Olympics and uses the same rifle and caliber as in the 3 position event. However, they only fire in the prone position. The qualification round has 60 shots within 50 minutes. The top eight get to go to the final round. They get just 20 shots to win the gold medal.
10m Air Soft Rifle – This is another event held for both men and women. This event is an hour and fifteen minutes long. Each shooter gets 60 rounds to get in to the final. The top eight will then go into the finals where they have 150 seconds to fire their first 6 shots. The remaining 14 shots will be fired singly and called out by the timer every 50 seconds. The top two will compete in the last round, having only two shots left to claim victory.

Olympic Pistol Shooting Competitions

50m Pistol – This event is for men only. Using a 0.22 caliber pistol they have to get the most points within an hour and a half and with only 60 shots. Again the target is about 55 yards away. The final round is the same as in the air soft event.
25m rapid Fire Pistol – This competition uses a 0.22 caliber pistol from a distance of about 27 yards. The shooter gets two round bursts of 15 shots each, for a total of 30. These 30 shots are divided into six rounds, with five shots each. The first 2 rounds have eight seconds between shots. The next two rounds have 6 seconds, leaving the last two rounds with four seconds between shots fired. The top six shooters get to go to the finals. This event is also only offered to men.
25m Pistol – This event is only done by women in the Olympics. Using a 0.22 caliber pistol they have to fire 60 shots at a target about 27 yards way. This event has two basic rounds. The first round has 30 precision shots with 5 shots fired within five minutes, having a total of 6 in the series. Second round is a rapid firing stage. The shooter fires 30 shots having 3 seconds to fire with a 7 second delay between the shots fired. The top eight shooters go to the finals.
Air Pistol – This is the final pistol event competed by both men and women. The air pistol rules and guidelines are the same as the 50m Pistol Olympic event. They however use 0.177 inch caliber pistol and fire at a target about 11 yards away.

Olympic Shotgun Shooting Events

Trap shooting – This event is done by both men and women in the Olympics. Shooters have to shoot orange clay targets that are thrown from under a trap location in front of them. Given 125 targets in five rounds of 25 targets each, the shooter has to hit as many as they can. They shoot from 5 different stations with the targets going from left to right. They shoot 5 times at each station.
Skeet shooting – This competition is also held for men and women. It’s similar to trap shooting. However there are eight stations and two targets are thrown at once. The top six shooters go into the semi-finals. They have a total of 16 targets at stations 3, 4, 5, and 4 again. The top two go into the finals repeating the 16 targets form the same stations.
Double Trap – This is an event that’s held only for men. Shooting from only 5 stations, the competitors’ fire at 30 targets, two at the same time, for a total of 150 targets. The top six competitors go to the semi-finals. There they repeat the same five stations. The top two go into finals. They only shoot from stations 2, 3, and 4, two targets at a time, and 15 rounds per station. The one with the most traps gets the gold.

Shooting Range Industries Congratulates Gold Medal Winner Ginny Thrasher, Bronze Medal Winner Corey Cogdell-Unrein and Record Making Kim Rhode

Shooting Range Industries wants to congratulate Ginny Thrasher for winning the first gold medal of the Olympics in women’s 10m air rifle as well as Corey Cogdell-Unrein and Kim Rhode for winning bronze. U.S. women’s trap shooter Corey Cogdell-Unrein won her second bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games; eight years after winning her first at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Rhode is the first female Olympian to medal in six consecutive games, and the first summer Olympian as well. Only Italian luger Armin Zoeggeler has done it on the men’s side!

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