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Top Reasons People Fail a Background Check when Purchasing a Gun; Conviction of a Crime, Arrest Warrant, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Illegal Alien Status & More

With Americans becoming more and more concerned about who can go out and purchase a firearm and what is required when you do, it may put you at ease to know that there are several reasons that a purchase for a firearm can be denied. The legal and law abiding citizens that are actually going…

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Popular Firearms Used By Law Enforcement; Glock, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Sig Sauer, Heckler & Koch, Ruger, Colt & Remington

Law enforcement depends on their firearms immensely to get through the day. Their firearms are a part of their industry equipment. Having an unreliable weapon, can mean life or death. To serve and protect, it is imperative you have efficient equipment, and crucial your weapon is remarkable and you set aside plenty of practice with…

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Buy Products Made in the USA; Henry Lever Action Rifles, Veteran Owned Article 15 Clothing & Custom Shooting Ranges!

Buy American Made Products One of the best ways to show your patriotism is by purchasing products that are manufactured right here in the USA. Your patriotic spending does a great deal more good than you probably realize. When you choose to purchase items made in the USA you are supporting democracy. You are also…

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Shooting Range Target Training Systems; Diamond Pop Up Turning, Stationery Steel & Paper (Redfield, Silhouette & Bullseye), Metal Spinning & Moving Targets

A major component in live firing drills for both military and law enforcement personnel are the targets. Without a target, accuracy never improves, and wild and unsteady training can be ingrained. When shooting combat ensues, it is critical officers are able to place the round on target. Depending on the various drills and tactics determines…

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Standard Issue Police Pistols & Most Popular Law Enforcement Handguns; Glock 19 & 22, Smith & Wesson M&P9, Berretta Model 92, Sig Sauer P226, Heckler, Koch HK45, & Colt M1911

One of the most important tools that a law enforcement officer carries is their firearm. It is crucial that the officer feels completely comfortable with their firearm, so when on duty they have no question or concerns about how well their firearm will perform. Working with a tool that you are unfamiliar with, feel uncomfortable…

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Police Law Enforcement Shotgun Training & Tactical Drills to Practice on the Shooting Range to Improve Firearm Handling, Accuracy & Close Quarter Combat

Shotguns are an overlooked resource in both law enforcement and military. Shotguns are ideal for close range combat, and are equally important among the tactical team. If you are in law enforcement and looking for some extra drills to better handle your shotgun, we at Shooting Range Industries have included a handful of shotgun drills…

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