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Machine Guns Vegas Indoor Range Manufactured by Shooting Range Industries Named One of the Top 5 Coolest Gun Ranges in America!

Just this month, Machine Guns Vegas was named one of the top five coolest gun ranges in America! Their unique shooting experiences include zombie survival packages, competition packages, special ops packages, and much more that leave people coming back for more! This incredible shooting range is just one example of the many designed and manufactured…

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Virtual Reality Video Games Using Real Bullets: The Latest Billionaire Toy

A recent Forbes.com article highlights some products of Shooting Range Industries. Jim Dobson, Forbes.com Contributor I experienced first-hand, one of the most exhilarating afternoons at Machine Guns Vegas, where I participated in this unique entertainment adventure. The experience uses technology where a series of lasers actually track the live bullets, and wherever the bullet hits…

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2016 Summer Olympics Shooting Competition Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun Events; Gold Medal to Ginny Thrasher & Bronze Medals to Kim Rhode & Corey Cogdell-Unrein

The Summer Olympics host 15 different shooting events. Covering a range of talented shooters all competing for the gold medal and to be recognized as the top in their field. The Olympic Shooting event is broken up into nine men’s events and six women’s events in three different disciplines, with five events for rifles, five…

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What to Do When Your New Gun is Defective; Try to Return, Contact Manufacturer, Visit Gunsmith for Repair or Sell Firearm for Parts

Nothing can be more disappointing or depressing then going out to find that prefect gun that just feels so right in your hands; and then go through the hassle of purchasing the thing, take it to the gun range full of expectations, and excitement , just to find out it was a lemon. Nothing hurts…

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How to Become an Accurate Shooter & Shoot a Pistol Fast! Dry Firing Practice, Speed Shooting Range Drills & More

Becoming a fast and accurate shooter isn’t something that is inherited. The shooter has to work hard at it and learn to become a quick, accurate shot. This is especially true for concealed carriers. They aren’t just shooting for sport, but want to be trained and capable of acting quickly and with precision in a…

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