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Xpark Adventure Playground for Adults Coming Soon to Las Vegas, NV with Custom Shooting Range & Rock Crawler Park Designed by SRI!

If you thought that the unique shooting ranges that Shooting Range Industries has produced for Machine Guns Vegas are awesome, just wait until you hear what they have up their sleeve next! What adult hasn’t thought that an amusement park geared 100% towards adult play would be their kind of heaven? Well Machine Guns Vegas…

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Cool Handgun Stuff to Buy; Conceal Carry Accessories, Magazine Speed Loaders, Ammo Storage & Gun Safe Solutions

For many people, owning a gun comes with different needs. For some, it’s protecting their family and home, others depend on their firearms for their jobs, and for others, it’s just a hobby. Either way, for most gun enthusiasts, there are those gismos, gadgets, and accessories that they all must have. However there are some…

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Design & Build of a Live Fire Two Story Shoot House Training Facility with Fast Rope Tower & 3 Gun Shooting Porch in Las Vegas, NV for Machine Guns Vegas!

Gone are the days of training law enforcement and military in the classroom to get ready for hostile situations. There are now other options to help get someone ready for real combat. Modular shoot or kill houses have been built to create a real environment for training purposes. Shooting Range Industries would like to talk…

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Active Shooter Military & Law Enforcement Officer Training Video Games in Non Lethal Settings at High Quality Shooting Ranges such as Machine Guns Vegas

Do you or someone you know, love video games? How many times have you sat to play your video game and imagined what it would be like to actually be shooting the bad guys and villains with real bullets out of that gun? I’m sure many of you have as you sat down to play…

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Common Guns in the First Person Shooter Video Game Call of Duty; M1911 & M9 Berreta Pistols, M14 Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles & More

For most first person shooter gamers, one of the top ranking games is the “Call of Duty” saga. Many love the thrill of jumping into the role of our relentless hero, who stands for what’s right through all odds. As the Call of Duty saga has brought some of the most intense action sequence to…

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