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Cool Christmas Gift Ideas for Gun Lovers & Collectors; Tactical Shooting Range Bag, Ear Protection, Firearms Training & More!

Children around the world are compiling their Christmas lists in hopes they get what they have asked for. How convenient for parents to know the exact wishes of their children this holiday season. It may not be as easy for adults. You might find yourself wondering what your significant other is dreaming of this Christmas…

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Building an Indoor Shooting Gun Range; Ventilation & HVAC Air Conditioning Design Systems

Having a shooting range at your disposal is optimal for military and law enforcement firing drills. The more capabilities and features it has, the more opportunities your personnel has to growing individually and as a team unit. Improving firing skills, drills, and other key points are all essential. When your officers spend a considerable amount…

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A Basic 3 Gun Shooting Competition Rundown; Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun Equipment & Open, Tactical Optics & Heavy Metal Divisions

If you are a shooter and interested in competitive shooting, it is likely that you are familiar with 3 gun shooting. This happens to be one of the fastest growing shooting sports right now and for good reason. This is a very exciting, fast paced sport that requires excellent shooting skills. Shooting Range Industries is…

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Presidents Who Carried Guns & Last President to Carry a Gun in Office; Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight David Eisenhower, Ronald Wilson Reagan & More

These days, everywhere you look you are bombarded with all things presidential. Many citizens of the U.S. looked forward to November 8th just to have the election over. One political issue that is commonly brought up is the protection of second amendment rights which gun owners across the country are ready to defend. In light…

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Fundamentals & Techniques for How to Become a Better Pistol Shooter & Improve Your Grouping; Sight Picture, Alignment, Trigger Control, Grip & More

There is more to gun ownership than passing the background checks at the time of sale, or acquiring a concealed carry permit. There is a great deal of responsibility that comes with it. One of those responsibilities is having a good aim and grouping. In the event you need to draw your gun in self…

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