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Pros & Cons of Indoor Shooting Ranges VS Outdoor Ranges for Military & Law Enforcement Agencies; Firearms Practice & Training

When it comes to military and law enforcement, having an optimal shooting range is ideal. Keeping them safe is essential and allowing them to practice drills and honing their skills for real life situations is crucial. With the many options available, it can be hard to make the most ideal choice concerning indoor shooting ranges…

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President Elect Donald Trump Stance on Gun Control; How Will the Election Results Affect the Concealed Carry & the Gun & Shooting Industry?

With the possibility of the Trump administration passing a national concealed carry reciprocity act, a permit holder will be able to carry, crossing many state boundaries. Some states already have reciprocity agreements if the outside state permits requirements conform with the states own statutes. However, you may have some restrictions. States with a magazine capacity…

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Cold Weather Firearm Tips; Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun Shooting Gloves, Covering & Storing Guns, Applying Arctic Gun Lubricant & More

Carrying a firearm either for defense or hunting or even a day out at the range requires some preparation during the cold season. Not only do your firearms need preparation, but so does the shooter. Preparing your shooters for the cold weather will help improve performance as well as prevent accident or serious injury. Shooting…

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Gifts for Men & Women Gun Nuts; Glowshot Reactive Targets, Rifle, Tactical & Other Shooting Gun Magazine Subscriptions & More!

Christmas Day and all of its magic is fast approaching, and with the shopping days slowly counting down, you might be wondering what on earth you can get your loved one for Christmas that loves everything firearms. Well fear not, we at Shooting Range industries have compiled a list of incredible gift ideas your avid…

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Fight or Flight Response Physiology During a Confrontation; Condition Red, Gray & Black. Regular Shooting Range Practice Can Save Your Life!

You finished all the courses and qualify to carry a concealed weapon. But what happens when you’re faced with a deadly force situation? Much of the following is taken from Lt. Colonel Dave Crossman, US Army Retired, well experienced in police training practices. Crossman has written two excellent volumes on the psychology of combat, “On…

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Best Gifts for Gun Owners; Laser Bore Sight Kit, Pistol, Shotgun & Rifle Shooting Range Bags, Universal Gun Cleaning Kits & More

The top present for every gun owner is an individual thing. Every shooter is different as to what he or she would want. However there are some pointers that Shooting Range Industries would like to share when it comes to ideas as to what the top priority is for almost every shooter. Pistol, Shotgun &…

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