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Importance & Advantages of Military Training Systems; Shooting Range Infantry, Armored & Mobile Targets & More Means Better Personnel!

The military is one of the country’s biggest assets, even if there are some ignorant people that don’t appreciate the service and sacrifices our military personnel has to offer. One of the major elements that comprises a well formed military is the training. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to list the advantages…

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Law Enforcement Handgun Stopping Power Part Two; Firearm Training Schedule, Shooting Calibers, Self Defense & More

Last week, Shooting Range Industries posted part one of our series on stopping power. Click here to view it and continue reading for part two! Firearm Training Schedule A shooter that is involved in shooting sports, practices on a regular interval and is familiar with the .45 ACP, is more likely to handle this large…

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Golden Bullseye Award Winners of 2017 Part 2; Ammunition, Optic, Accessory & Women’s Innovation Product of the Year

Whether it’s an entirely new approach, an updated version of a beloved old classic, a revolutionary new development or a great quality product that concentrates on workmanship and value for the customer, firearm industry manufacturers are constantly surprising consumers with their innovative products and designs . Among the literally hundreds of optics, accessories and new…

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Golden Bullseye Award Winners of 2017 Part 1; Rifle, Shotgun, Handgun & Tactical Gun of the Year

2016 produced some remarkably innovative products in the form of firearms and accessories making the decision for the 2017 Golden Bullseye Awards particularly difficult. According to executives at NRA publications, the 2017 winners are everything that their members desire in both shooting and hunting equipment combining outstanding performance, value and innovative design. Check out our…

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Good & Bad Shooting Range Firearm Training Habits for Police Officers; Practice for Real Life & Rapid Fire Scenarios, Handgun Reloading & More

Shooting range time is important for police officers to constantly sharpen their skills and to be a responsible defender of the public. However there are many bad habits that are developed when you’re simply practicing on the range. Shooting Range Industries wants to warn our fellow police officers of these bad habits that were shared…

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