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Police Tactical Shooting Training Courses; Shoot or Don’t Shoot Scenarios, Ranges with Rotating, Moving & Pop Up Targets & More

To be effective training to survive a tactical situation, it needs to be as realistic as possible. Sweaty palms, dry mouth and an adrenalin pump are good. Low light conditions and moving target are suggested as well. The physiological responses to an armed combat altercation are debilitating and steps need to be taken to inoculate…

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Army & Military Simulation Firearms Training Systems Solutions; Weapons Familiarization on the Shooting Range

One of the primary goals of any weapons training is familiarization. This is not the phase where any real shooting occurs, it is just familiarization. And it is important. In previous blogs we have emphasized reloading drills, shooting on the move as well as close and far threats, but familiarization is key. You have other…

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Alternative Firearm Training Practices; Build Your Own Shooting Range to Shoot BB, Paintball, Pellet & Air Soft Guns

Training costs for the individual may restrict range time. If you are serious about developing your skills you have to make a serious investment in ammunition. Reloading can lower the cost or give you more bang for your buck (pun intended), but still represents a significant investment in equipment, components and time. Most ranges are…

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Best Caliber Handgun for Concealed Carry Revolvers & Semi-Automatics; .380 ACP, 45 ACP, 9mm Kurz (Short) or Other?

Considering a concealed carry weapon, but you’re fairly new to firearms? Automatic versus revolver, what to choose? First to consider is weapon type, they both have their pros and cons. We won’t consider two or single shot derringers. Derringers have their proponents and purpose, but do you really want to get into a potential gun…

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Live Fire Practice Exercises & Training Indoor Shooting Ranges for Serious Shooters; Timing Shots, Combat & Tactical Reloading & More

An indoor shooting range represents emergent commercial operation in the United States. They offer climate controlled environments with opportunities for personal instruction. Wide open spaces at a premium indoor range open up the shooting experience to a growing range of shooters. With lanes from 15 yards out to 50 yards, on some ranges the opportunity…

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Perks & Benefits of Law Enforcement Training Systems; Realistic Firearms Training Simulators Can Save Police Officer’s Lives!

April 5, 1970 marks the anniversary of the Newhall Incident. This was a day of tragedy that ended in the death of four California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officers at the hand of two well armed suspects. At the time, CHP officers were armed with revolvers. One officer was found dead behind a car. He was…

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