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Handguns Used By U.S. Military in WW2; Colt M1911A1 Semi Automatic Pistol & M1917 Revolver

During World War 2, handguns or pistols were generally associated with NCO’s or non-commissioned officers. However, many soldiers, such as machine gunners, paratroopers, military police along with a wide range of military regiments, would also carry a handgun or pistol for some more fire power. While handguns weren’t issued to every soldier, most would get…

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Stopping Power Infinite Warfare; Single Rifle Shots VS Machine Gun & Other Firearms

During the Moro Rebellion in the Philippines it was discovered that military rifle bullets would pass through the Moro’s bodies and with even fatal shots delivered the Moro’s would power through their attacks taking multiple rifle hits to put them down. The 38 caliber revolvers where totally ineffective in stopping an attacking Moro. The US…

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Firearm Shooting Standards; Caliber Size Comparison, Defensive & Field Firearms etc

When the discussion arises about topics concerning firearms, there is little mentioned about standards. We compare ourselves and the weapon at hand on a subliminal standard, but rarely voice them. In regards to cartridges, we need a performance standard for comparison. The ‘standard’ cartridge should be readily available and in wide use with a broad…

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Types of Rifle, Shotgun & Pistol Firearm Sights; Iron or Open, Peep, Telescopic, Reflex, Laser & More

For those new to firearms, or wanting to improve your accuracy with your firearm, you will want to understand and learn about the different types of firearm sights that are used to improve the shooter’s performance with their firearm. Each type of sight is used differently and in different situations. Shooting Range Industries will share…

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Ballistic Coefficient Calculator; Shooting Uphill & Downhill, Long Range Wind Formula & More

In previous blogs Shooting Range Industries have explored the advantage of the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) in BC-Part 1, and defined many key terms and concepts and other definitions as we can see that velocity plays a key role in long range precision engagements. Now we discuss how to calculate ballistic coefficient from velocity. Long Range…

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