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2017’s Top Rated Ear & Hearing Protection for Shooting Ranges; Impact Sport Electronic Ear Muffs & More

One of the most important protective gear any shooter must have is good ear protection. The most common health related problem associated with firearms is eardrum damage. For those who don’t use good ear protection, hearing loss is a common consequence. There are many types of ear protection used today. Shooting Range Industries will share the best rated ear muffs of 2017 for those who may be looking to upgrade or need to replace their old ear protective gear has a good idea what is out on the market.

Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff for Smaller Caliber Handguns

This type of earmuff often comes in a two-pack. They have a noise reduction rating of 22dB which is best for light caliber or rounds. For those with a handgun or smaller caliber this is a great earmuff. It removes the sound of the gunshot but still allows other noise such as voices to pass through. This is a great safety feature for both ranges and hunting events. Many claim these ear muffs are very comfortable and easy to use. They do require AA batteries. Additionally, you can also plug in a mp3 player for those who wish to listen to music.

Compact Howard Leight by Honeywell R-01902 Shooting Earmuff

These shooting earmuffs provide a noise reduction rating of 30dB and cancellation for major noises over 82dB. Some say they allow less noise than the previous set of earmuffs. This type of earmuff also allows the use of an mp3 player plug and fits well with safety glasses and other equipment. They fold up taking less space in your range bag which is another benefit of these earmuffs.

Walker’s Alpha Series Power Muffs for Outdoor Shooting Ranges

These earmuffs come in camouflage for outdoor use and are designed for the outdoor hunter types. These earmuffs are designed to allow voices and noise so the hunter can distinguish between the different sounds. Each ear piece has the ability to adjust the sound setting separately and has a noise reduction rating of 24dB. Additionally these earmuffs have wind, microbial resistance and hearing enhancement. This makes them perfect for the outdoor shooter. These earmuffs are designed for hunting and not necessary for range use.

Economical Glock OEM Hearing Protection

The Glock industry is known for their great firearms as well as accessories. This is not the best rated earmuff. Nevertheless, it still made it to the top of the list of good ear protection. Sold at a reasonable price, these earmuffs adequately reduce the sound. They have a 26dB rating and are also designed to collapse to save on space and easier carry. For those on a tighter budget, but still want a nicely rated earmuff, these are the ones for you.

3M Peltor Tactical Sport Hearing Protector

This is one of the lower end earmuffs, yet one that still offers reasonable protection with a noise reduction of 20dB. However even though it may hold less of a noise reduction rating, they make up for it by allowing an mp3 player and audible media. You can also plug in a dog locator. Additionally, they are light weight and very comfortable. For those who don’t need top of the line but still want all the options of one, this is the best choice of earmuffs.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Practice & Training

Ear protection is very important and no shooter should be without them. Shooting Range Industries hopes we were able to help you find the right ear protection for you and provide great gun ranges to our communities.

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