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Shooting Range Industries LLC, “SRI”

Shooting Range Industries, LLC is a premier design and manufacturing company of quality and innovative live fire Modular Containerized Small Arms Training Sets (MCSATS®), Modular Shooting Ranges, Range Equipment and HVAC supply. Since 1993, the principals of SRI have been directly involved with the design, manufacture, and installation of equipment of over 350 different brick and mortar ranges, and over 60 separate projects of modular shooting range systems.

We also have an extensive background in metal fabrication, HVAC design and installation. We were the first manufacturers of range equipment to have an in-house HVAC company as part of our service. With over 5000 systems installed and over 350 range systems designed, we lead the industry in indoor shooting range HVAC systems. We are the original innovators of true Modular Range Systems that have now become an equal option to standard ranges for Live Fire Training. All of our products displayed in our literature and web site are actual products delivered to customers, not just a concept or artist rendition.

SRI also has the creativity, drive and background to develop innovative new custom firearms training products with the latest technology, tailored to specific customer demand and needs. Further, we have the experience to properly apply the latest technology to solve today’s training problems, and we have tireless dedication to provide the best ongoing service and support in the industry.

Today, through the same hard work and drive we began with over 25 years ago, SRI has earned a reputation for providing firearms training solutions that are unsurpassed in quality, ballistic performance and safety. We are proud to design and build innovative shooting products and environments for law enforcement and military organizations as well as home and commercial range owners.

We invite you to explore all of our products and services for your next range project.

Shooting Range Control


We will work with you to design the Range that’s right for you. We ensure every shooting range we manufacture is built to the highest industry standards and all our shooting ranges are designed and tested to ensure ultimate shooter safety.

Container Ready Range


Ready Range® is the best modular, 100% ballistic enclosed solution for live fire training. Ready Range® come standard & fully custom and can also be configured to a wide open layout with custom lane widths per customer requirements.

Bullet Traps


We offer a selection of bullet traps to fit your needs depending on your specific shooting range design. Our bullet traps are designed & manufactured onsite by our skilled professionals to perform under all live fire conditions.

Shooting Stalls


The innovative design of our shooting stalls offers the best shooter orientation, protection & comfort while maximizing the number of lanes an area can facilitate. Built with double steel jacketed walls & durable diamond plate aluminum.

Shooting Range Ceiling Guards


Our quality Ceiling Guards are fabricated with pre-punched and welded suspension brackets. Our CAD Designed plate spacing ensures that all projectiles are directed downrange ensuring ultimate safety while protecting lighting and HVAC fixtures.

Shooting Target Retrieval


Our Target Retrieval System is independently operated by each shooter to allow for controlled positioning of each target’s distance. We do offer different options, and will work with you to help select the system that is right for you.

Shooting Range Equipment


The principal element in the design and construction of every SRI shooting range product is shooting safety. SRI is your best source for Bullet Traps, Shooting Stalls, HVAC, Metal Fabrication, Target Retrieval Systems, Ceiling Guards and more.

Shooting Range Ventilation & HVAC


Air quality is paramount when constructing an indoor shooting range. With over 35 years in the HVAC industry we have designed & installed over 5000 HVAC systems. Our systems meet OSHA, NIOSH and EPA regulations for safety.

Metal Fabrication


All Range Components are fabricated in-house by our professional metal fabricators and engineered with specialty metals and techniques that allow us to maintain the highest level of quality in all our products and components.

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