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Active Shooter Military & Law Enforcement Officer Training Video Games in Non Lethal Settings at High Quality Shooting Ranges such as Machine Guns Vegas

Do you or someone you know, love video games? How many times have you sat to play your video game and imagined what it would be like to actually be shooting the bad guys and villains with real bullets out of that gun? I’m sure many of you have as you sat down to play the most recent Call of Duty. Shooting Range Industries has done it; creating a one-of-a-kind shooting range where you can do just that … shoot real bullets at the screen as you play realistic video games!

Machine Guns Vegas Offers Real Training Through Virtual Reality Video Games

Machine Guns Vegas, a customized shooting range designed, manufactured and built by Shooting Range Industries, has a way of sending you on a virtual adventure using real bullets. The technology allows you to shoot the gun at the screen and as the bullet hits, the game reacts. It is a way to undergo real training using virtual targets. There is a soft wall bullet trap located behind the screen to catch all the bullets fired. Since you are using an actual gun, you feel the recoil, and power that the weapon has to offer you. The virtual games offered give you real training with real weapons so you can feel confident in gun ownership and use. Gun owners need to have proper training in order to be responsible with the weapons they own and carry.

Military & Law Enforcement Officer Training

This virtual experience was created by Shooting Range Industries and Milo Range to create this realistic game. These interactive video games were created with military and law enforcement in mind. Several of the 750 scenarios are centered around training these two groups, military and law enforcement, using active shooters in various virtual locations such as a hospital, schools, and other places. The games react with you depending on what you do and say. The mobility of the ranges designed by Shooting Range Industries are ideal for deployments and off-site training since it can be packed up and shipped anywhere in the world. It only takes a couple of days to set it all up.

High Quality Shooting Ranges

Not only can you have this virtual experience, but if you want the traditional shooting range experience, you can roll up the screen and shoot at paper targets like you are used to. The ranges designed by Shooting Range Industries come with a complete HVAC system and HEPA filtration to create a comfortable and safe environment.

Active Shooter Training in Non-Lethal Settings; Portable Modular Shooting Ranges with Custom Range Design, Bullet Traps, Equipment & Accessories; Manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada

We think it’s safe to say, the way people are trained with guns is going to start changing. Especially with military and law enforcement and the tensions that are unfortunately surrounding them. Training is more important now than it has ever been and this is a way to get active shooter training in a non-lethal way. For example, training in hostage situations can take place without having real people in danger. If you are a video game enthusiast as well as a gun owner, this may be your kind of heaven. Putting those two together can create a virtual experience like one you have never had before. Shooting Range Industries creates, designs, manufactures and assembles unique, high quality, customizable shooting ranges to give you the training you need with your firearm.

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