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Advantages of Shooting with Both Eyes Open; Tunnel VS Peripheral Vision, Observing Shot & More

When you’re getting started, learning how to shoot with both eyes open is a lot easier to do as opposed to learning it later. Whether it’s a shotgun, rifle, or pistol, shooting with both eyes open is in your better interest. Following the rules of firearm safety, you need to know your target and what’s beyond it. Keeping both eyes open will ensure your target and beyond is clear. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to discuss the benefits of shooting with both eyes open. In addition to shooting faster and being more accurate, there are additional benefits to shooting with both eyes open, no matter if you are into competitive shooting, target shooting, hunting, and more.

Tunnel Vision / Peripheral Vision for Shooting Performance

Having tunnel vision is never a good thing, no matter if you’re target shooting for fun or trying to lock onto a deer at a distance. We would never close one eye to focus on the road or what’s ahead. Peripheral views are crucial to seeing your targets as well as your surrounding areas. When firing a gun, you will need full field, so make sure you have the right glasses to protect your eyes.

Observing the Shot

Offering you a faster response time to move to the next shot or stop shooting is seeing the target fall or receive impact. It is more difficult to see your shot placement with one eye. Having both eyes open gives you a better chance of seeing where the bullet ended up, even if you miss. Improve the ability to shoot with both eyes open by changing the front sight on my pistol. To see the target in between my rear sights, be sure the front sights are lined up. Since a front sight that lines up with the rear sight perfectly edge to edge can cover the entire target at this distance, this is extremely important for targets that are set at a farther distance like 30-40 yards. Your dominant eye cannot be focused on the front sight, on the target, and on the other plates all at the same time if you have one eye shut. Your dominant eye is free to focus on the front sight and your non-dominant eye to watch for targets that are still up when you shoot with both eyes open. Having both eyes open will allow you to see both the immediate target and the impact as it has as well as the next target that follows.

Hitting a Moving Target

For you to correctly aim your weapon, moving targets require a full field of vision. You’ll need both eyes to lead your depending on the distance and speed of your target. Whether they are walking, running, or even standing still, animals are always moving for the hunters. The line of target can change at any time. This is extremely important when you keep in mind what is beyond the target especially. Many scenarios can occur when while hunting, learning how to shoot with both eyes open to adapt to changes that happen quickly in your environment.

Custom Modular Shooting Ranges for Firearm Practice & Training

Ultimately, shooting with both eyes it better. Where many naturally want to close an eye, especially in Hollywood, it limits your abilities. If you have the habit, break it, and if you are just starting, be sure to avoid this habit that limits your abilities. Shooting Range Industries designs and manufactures custom portable shooting ranges that make for a safe and convenient place to practice and train with your firearms. Call us to learn more today!

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