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Alternative Firearm Training Practices; Build Your Own Shooting Range to Shoot BB, Paintball, Pellet & Air Soft Guns

Training costs for the individual may restrict range time. If you are serious about developing your skills you have to make a serious investment in ammunition. Reloading can lower the cost or give you more bang for your buck (pun intended), but still represents a significant investment in equipment, components and time. Most ranges are restrictive on gunner movement for safety purposes. Range time can sharpen skills like target acquisition and engagement, builds muscle memory, develops sight alignment and targeting skills. But it doesn’t allow for movement and realistic engagements. You are restricted to the shooters area.

BB Guns & Pellet Air Guns

What about turning your basement or garage into a pistol range? An acre or more lot will provide you with sufficient real estate to build a “Hogan’s Alley” or an obstacle course to conduct realistic training. How? Pellet or BB air-spring powered weapons. Many of these air guns simulate the real weapons in weight and handling characteristics. Sig Sauer markets some very realistic pneumatic versions of their firearms line. Target engagement is quiet, and if of proper design, safe. The ultimate would be an abandoned dwelling to set up in. You can practice domestic home defense.

Paintball & Air Soft Guns

Pneumatic and spring weapons are dangerous to shoot at another person so paper target engagement or other inanimate objects are required. Safety and utilization of eye and ear protection is required. So what are the alternatives? Two alternatives exist, and require some minimum person protection equipment. Paint ball and air soft. Paint ball is messy and does not usually involve realistic weaponry. Like the pricier pellet weapons, air soft weapons are used to conduct realistic tactical training. Air soft weapons come in handgun, rifle and submachine guns. They are either electrical, gas or spring powered and fire a plastic 6mm pellets. Those participating in person on person training are required to wear eye and ear protection to avoid injury. The pellets have enough velocity to be felt, but should cause no injuries. It would be possible to practice some home invasion scenarios in an occupied house as long as precautions are taken to avoid breakage of home furnishings. The plastic pellets can be recovered and reused. Even though the tactical exercise uses nonlethal weaponry, a hit from an air soft pellet is uncomfortable to say the least. Participants will learn to deal with adrenaline spikes and close quarter combat anxiety. Even if you won’t die, nobody wants to lose either and getting hit stings. The results can be sobering, if translated into a real world scenario a hit would be at least debilitating if not mortal. The shinier side of the coin is that it can be a lot of fun. Nothing says training cannot be serious and entertaining as well.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Practice & Training

Shoot at least 50 rounds quarterly, to help maintain proficiency. Will 50 rounds every three months maintain competence? Probably not, but is more desirable that no shooting at all. Everyone that carries has the responsibility to be as capable and proficient as possible with their weapon. Pellet and air soft training augment firearms training and provide a wide variety of tactical drills to hone your capabilities. Indoor pellet ranges require the minimum of outlay, bullet traps, targets and safety, but broaden your firearms educational spectrum.
The last consideration is laser training. Ammo containing laser inserts with the electronic laser sensitive targets provide other opportunities for further weapons handling and focus. Perhaps a little more pricey up front but light is real cheap to shoot. Call us at Shooting Range Industries to talk about us designing are building your own custom shooting range. We are glad to help. And remember – train well, train often.

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