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Ankle or Backup Gun for Police & Law Enforcement; Practice Drawing, Aiming, Firing & More

Backup weapon is optimally a smaller gun the primary weapon. Law enforcement should have a backup weapon mow more than ever. Your backup weapon can be a way to ensure you have quick access to at least one weapon under different circumstances. Having your secondary weapon in a place that is easily reached if your primary weapon is not an option. No matter what you decide to carry or where you decide to carry it, you should be just as efficient drawing, firing, and just as accurate with your backup weapon as you are with your primary weapon. Today we at Shooting Range Industries would like to discuss law enforcement improving with their backup weapon.

Practice Ankle or Back Up Gun for Police

Drawing: Off and on the range, just as you practice over and over again drawing your primary weapon, you should be practicing drawing and aiming down your sights. Drawing from a number of positions, in clothing you typically wear, whether it is uniform, or standard work clothes, you should be just as comfortable drawing your secondary weapon as you are your primary weapon.
Aiming: As mentioned, during your drawing exercising, you should be putting sights on your target. Before you even fire, the aiming with proper alignment is fundamentals that should be second nature. Since your backup weapon is likely smaller, it is essential your skills with it are just as sharp.
Firing: Accuracy is crucial in a shootout, and since most law enforcement entities will make you qualify with your backup weapon, being just as accurate with it as your primary is not only crucial but mandatory. Shooting on the range will give you a lot of opportunity to improve your shot and continue to perfect your accuracy as you continue to practice often.
Positions: Whether you opt to live fire or dry fire, different positions are another good exercise to include your backup weapon training regimen. Standing, kneeling, prone, on your back, and other positions, drawing, aiming, and accuracy should all be practiced on a routine basis.
Drills: Stationary and moving drills will only continue to improve your skills and when you need your backup weapon, you will have the familiarity and proficiency to use it if the occasion ever calls for it when you are on the job.

Custom Shooting Ranges Designed & Manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada

Whether you are law enforcement, military, security, or other career where it entails having a primary weapon and a backup weapon, you should take the time to be just as competent with your backup gun as you are with your primary. Having a traditional shooting range and a custom made shooting range to engage in potential scenarios where you can incorporate drills where your backup weapon is required will only help you apply your skills to real life situations. Being prepared for such encounters could be what tips the scale in your favor preserving your life or someone from your team or an innocent bystander. If you are looking to make your own customized range to hone your skills, call Shooting Range Industries today and our specialists will design and manufacture your own personal range.

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