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Are Proximity Smart Gun Technology & Biometric Fingerprint Gun Trigger Locks the Future for Effective Gun Safety?

There is a new type of gun being developed that many say will improve if not completely eliminate any type of gun violence. Every time we turn on the news there seems to be some sort of an accidental shooting, a random killing or other cases of gun violence. The smart gun has come up as the recent answer to put a stop to these devastating occurrences. While many gun owners today take the proper precautions to keep their gun from getting into the wrong hands, there is a new technology that will prevent someone other than the owner from firing off a round if they happen to successfully get their hands on the firearm.

The Identilock Biometric Smart Gun

One of the designs for a smart gun is called the Identilock Smart Gun that only allows the gun owner to fire the weapon. This prevents many accidental situations from happening. If a child happened to find the gun or a thief broke into a home and took the gun, they would not be able to fire the weapon. The Identilock Smart Gun is equipped with a biometric lock that fits over the trigger of the handgun. This makes it impossible for any other person to fire the hand gun other than the owner. Identilock says that even with the biometric lock over the trigger, the designated gun owner should be able to unlock the weapon and use it within a second. Opponents are concerned it could take a lot longer than that or malfunction. This could prevent you from being able to shoot your firearm when you need it most such as in a home invasion or a law enforcement officer needing to neutralize a suspect.

Proximity Smart Guns

Another type of smart gun that is in development is a type of proximity hand gun, meaning that it can only be fired when it is close in distance to a special ring, wristband or watch worn by the gun owner. These types of weapons use radio frequency identification to accomplish this type of smart gun safety. Many critics have said that this type of smart gun technology can easily be hacked or ineffective if the wristband, watch or ring gets into the wrong hands. While this type of technology may be more useful for military and law enforcement, private gun owners who keep a firearm at home may not feel as safe. It is likely that the wristband, watch or ring will be left somewhere near the gun, which makes this type of smart gun unsafe to be around children.

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Whether smart gun technology is in the future or not, always practice proper gun safety and responsibility. Many gun rights advocates believe that smart gun technology such as the trigger locks and proximity devices listed above should be voluntary and not mandatory. Contact Shooting Range Industries today to learn about our custom shooting ranges; a convenient and exciting way to sharpen your shooting skills!

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