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Are You Supposed to Have Dominant Eye Open & Other Closed when Shooting a Pistol etc?

It seems like there are many people that have an opinion on guns and how to properly shoot. The problem is that if you are getting your education from movies and TV you are not being properly educated. When you are someone that is getting started with learning and educating yourself so that you can be a good and responsible gun owner you want to make sure that you learn from a professional. One of the areas that you can go to get some guidance as well as some factual information is at a shooting range. They are able to talk to you about guns and what type, style and size would best suit you and the needs that you have. They also can go over all the safety rules so that you can ensure that no one is at risk while you are there. Lastly they can offer some guidance on how to actual load and shoot the gun. Nothing is better than practice but you want to make sure that what you are practicing is correct. When it comes to how to aim and how to look down the weapon there are some differing opinions. Shooting Range Industries outlines what you need to know about aiming with one eye open.

Line Up Sights on Firearm

When you are starting out shooting a handgun you want to make sure you know how to aim. The weapon may seem small and all you have to do is to shoot down range but that will not be consistent. You want to make sure that you are looking at the right thing and that you are getting better at aiming and targeting what it is that you want to shoot. The better a shot you are the safer you are. The gun has a sight that is there to offer guidance on where to look when you shoot. You want to make sure that you use the front and rear sights in unison to ensure you are aiming. The back sights have two separated dots while the front is a single spot. The back should line up with the front sight falling right in between them when you look down range. Then you want to be able to see the actual target ahead of that.

Shooting With Dominant Eye Open & Other Eye Closed

This is the most natural way to shoot for most new shooters and even some of the pros. When you look with one eye shut you should be seeing down the dominant eye to target. The great thing is that the look you get is clearer because you do not have to make any adjustment. You can close one eye and see down the sights and take your shot. Although this is a very common and natural way to shoot there is a more effective and better option.

Train to Shoot with Both Eyes Open

If you are going to get into any law enforcement you want to train yourself on how to shoot with both eyes open. Most experts and law enforcement choose this so that they have a larger view of the area. You also have a better shot at targeting more consistently when you have both eyes open and train that way.

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