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Basic Gun Terminology Part 2; From Casings & Caliber to Point Blank & Private Party Transfer

Shooting Range Industries has prepared common terms for beginners. Click here to view Part 1 and continue reading below for Part 2.

Firearm Terms

Casings: For rifles and handguns, casings are usually metal, and for shotguns, plastic that is sometimes called a shell. The casing is the containing unit of a cartridge or round; holding the gunpowder, the projectile, and built-in primer.
Caliber: When the gun’s bore diameter that is measured as fractions of an inch instead of the occasional millimeters. It determines the size of the ammo.
Clip: Multiple ammunition rounds as a unit, typically stored on a metal strip, that can be quickly loaded into a firearm or magazine; instead of one round at a time.
Cock: Manually drawing the hammer of a gun back to fire the weapon and arm the hammer to be released at the pull of the trigger. Many weapons can be cocked automatically by pulling the trigger, especially those with internal hammers.
Double tap: Usually without re-aiming the firearm between shots, simply two shots fired in rapid succession is a double tap.
Firearm: A rifle, shotgun, or handgun using gunpowder as a propellant is the federal definition under the 1968 Gun Control Act. Those not considered firearms are the air guns and other devices that fire projectiles without combustion.
Flash suppressor: Hot air and gas escapes the barrel with an attachment at the end of a firearm’s barrel. Visibility for the shooter improves as it makes smaller flash of light when a round exits the barrel.
Folding stock: The stock on a rifle or shotgun that can be doubled for compact storage.
Gauge: Similar to bore size, it indicates the shotgun barrel size like the caliber does for rifles and handguns.
Glock: Designed and produced by Austrian company Glock Ges.m.b.H. the glocks are a series of popular semi-automatic handguns
Hair trigger: With little pressure and an extremely light touch the trigger is trigger pulled.
High-capacity magazine: Any magazine that holds over 10 rounds, under most jurisdictions. However, some high-capacity magazines can hold as many as 100 rounds. Side Note – many modern semi-automatic pistol magazines can hold between 15 and 18 rounds and modern semi-automatic rifles can hold between 20 and 30 rounds.
Hollow-point: To increase expansion and fragment upon penetration of a solid target, the bullet is designed with a concave nose.
Magazine: To be fed into a gun’s chamber, it is a container that holds cartridges or rounds under spring pressure.
Pistol: Firing bullets, a pistol is a type of handgun. It is designed to be easily fired from one or two hand and is small, portable, and concealable. They are available in single shot, semi-automatic, or fully automatic.
Pistol grip: Like you’d find on a pistol, it is behind the trigger and is an extra handle attached to a rifle or shotgun.
Point blank: Without worrying about trajectory, the distance at which a firearm can be directly aimed at a target. Typically, meaning standing very close to the target and could easily point their weapon directly at the skull.
Private party transfer: Like at a gun show, a second-hand purchase of a firearm involving you exchanging cash for a gun from a private party. Where most states do not require records to kept for such purchases, some do.

We hope this continues to help those new to firearms with some terminology. We will soon be concluded the common terms used with firearms to further your knowledge!

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