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Basic Handgun Shooting Tips & Techniques; Proper Pistol Sight Alignment, Dominant Eye Test & Trigger Discipline

There is more to shooting a pistol than holding it in your hand and pulling the trigger. It takes a lot of practice to obtain proper sight alignment and retain sight alignment even after a round has been fired. We here at Shooting Range Industries will cover some basic tips on developing proper sight alignment and improve your aim.

Proper Sight Alignment; Shooting Dominant Eye Test

The first rule of thumb is to use your dominant eye to aim with. Most believe your dominant hand is your dominant eye. This isn’t always the case. There are some tests you can do to see which of your eyes is the dominant one. Bring your index finger and thumb together to make a circle about 1 inch wide. Extend your hand forward and slowly move the circle forward with both eyes open. Without focusing on your hand as it moves towards you, the circle will naturally go to you dominant eye.

Pistol Sight Alignment Tips

Still use your dominant hand to hold the pistol. Just use your dominant eye to aim with or gain sight alignment. To get proper sight alignment you will need to align the front and rear sight. The rear sights have two prongs with a gap in the middle. The front sight is a single prong dead center of your pistol’s frame or slide. Line up the rear sight so the front sight is in the center of the rear sight’s gap. Now that that the front and rear sights are aligned side to side, also make sure they are top to bottom as well. In other words, the top of both sights are in a perfect line.

Pistol Shooting; Focus on Front Sights

This next one gets a lot of people in trouble because it doesn’t follow common sense. When you have proper sight alignment, don’t focus on the target. That’s right. Instead, keep your focus on the sights. At this point, your target should look out of focus and the sights clear and focused.

Proper Trigger Discipline & Control

There is a right way to pull the trigger. Yes, your trigger finger matters. Most people wrap the entire finger inside the trigger guard and use the center knuckle to pull the trigger. This is a mistake as it pulls the gun inward as you pull the trigger, ruins your sight alignment and your aim on your target. You should only use the front pad of your index finger to pull the trigger straight back. This alone can take a lot of practice to achieve.

Proper Handgun Grip & Stance

You want a good grip when handling a pistol. You will need to make sure the pistol is tightly inside your grip. If you extend your arm forward with your pistol in hand, see if there is any space in the pad of your finger and the grip on the pistol. If there is any space, tighten your hand around the grip so there is no space.

Custom Shooting Range Design, Equipment, Bullet Traps & Accessories

These are just a few tips to help improve your aim and your shooting techniques. The next time you are at the range you now have a few shooting principles to practice. Shooting Range Industries hopes you take your firearm shooting seriously and that you will improve your shooting techniques.

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