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Basic Parts of a Gun; Stock, Barrel, Action, Bore, Breech, Cylinder, Grip, Hammer, Magazine & More

When it comes to firearms, there are basic parts that ensure the various firearms operate safely and correctly. Where users need to know the basic fundamentals of shooting, understanding the mechanics can help you perfect your shooting as well as help you minimize malfunctioning situations. With this in mind, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to discuss some of the basic mechanical parts of firearms. Below are the firearm basics, a guide for beginners looking at basic functions of shotguns, rifles and handguns. With three basic groups of parts, all firearms have a stock, barrel and action.

Gun Barrel

The long metal tube, bored out to provide an exit path for the discharging projectile is the barrel. A fire projectile is forced down the barrel and out of the muzzle by expanding gas forces. The bullet travels through the barrel in a rifle and handgun, however, through the shotguns’ barrel the slug or shot travels out.

Firearm Action

Inner workings if a gun, is the action. The moving parts that load, fire, and eject the firearms shells or cartridges are all included.

Gun Stock

Composed of two pieces, the Butt and the fore end, the stock is also referred to as the handle.

Rifle Parts

Receiver, bolt, rear & front sight, barrel, safety, trigger, trigger guard, stock, and magazine are the basic parts of the rifle.

Shotgun Parts

Shotguns are somewhat different than other firearms as they either fire slugs, which is a solid projectile, or shells that contain shot, or sometimes referred to as small round pellets. The pump action shotgun parts include stock, receiver, breech bolt, ejection port, front sight, muzzle, barrel, magazine cap, fore-end, trigger guard, trigger, and safety mechanism.

Handgun Parts

Handguns can include revolvers and pistols. Revolver parts are hammer, grip, cylinder, trigger, trigger guard, barrel, front sight, and muzzle. Pistol parts include slide stop, barrel, rear & front sight, grip safety, magazine release, magazine, trigger, trigger guard, and muzzle.

Components of a Gun

Below is the firearm’s basic component breakdown.
Bore: When fired, the projectile fires through the bore in the inside of the buns barrel.
Breech: Where the cartridge is inserted, the Breech is the area of the firearm that contains the rear end of the barrel.
Cylinder: The part of a revolver that holds cartridges in separate chambers is the cylinder. Responsible for bringing each chamber into alignment with the barrel is the Cylinder of a revolver which rotates as the gun is cocked.
Grip: Used to hold the firearm, the Grip is the portion of a handgun that is by the trigger.
Hammer: the part that strikes the firing pin or the cartridge primer directly to detonate the primer in or for the gun to discharge is the Hammer.
Magazine: Being both fixed or detachable, a Magazine is a spring-operated container that holds cartridges for a repeating firearm.
Muzzle: Where the projectile exits the firearm is from the Muzzle of a gun is the front end of the barrel.
Trigger: To initiate the firing process, the Trigger is the lever that’s pulled or squeezed.
Trigger Guard: In order to provide both protection and safety, the trigger guard is the portion of a firearm that wraps around the trigger.

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