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Basics of Overhead & Ground Mounted Wireless Target Retrieval Systems in Indoor Gun Ranges

Target retrieval systems are an essential part of the shooting range. With them, shooting is made more conveniently. There are several options found in common shooting ranges. If you are developing your own personal mini shooting range, as designed and constructed by the experts of Shooting Range Industries. Today, we would like to elaborate on target retrieval systems.

Types of Target Retrieval Systems

You now have to select the type of target systems you want during the range design process, after you have determined your containment system. There are a few options such as overhead target retrieval systems and ground mounted wireless systems. The only ground mounted wireless system on the market in addition to a wide variety of products to suit all of your needs. With the many target retrieval systems available, you can count Shooting Range Industries for assistance in selecting high-quality target retrieval systems.

Overhead Target Retrieval Systems

An overhead retrieval system, the most common type of target systems you see, especially for indoor ranges. The basic levels are all the same between the high and low ends of the options, though the features differ in the industry. As the more sophisticated wireless systems that provides for pre-programming drills, flashing lights, touch screen operation, and other bells and whistles, we have simple overhead retrieval system that is track mounted, toggle switch operated, and very user-friendly to say the least.

Ground Mounted Wireless Target Retrieval Systems

A wireless target system that can go out to 1000 meters is an industry first, the ground mounted wireless system. Versatility to ranges that otherwise would be restricted, makes this tactical target system with unmatched versatility to ranges. This target system is now able to be used as an out and back target retrieval system, though it was originally designed as a moving target for law enforcement. As an out and back target retrieval system, a running man system, a tactical freestyle system or one that is set on a pre-determined track. For outdoor ranges that don’t have the ability to use standard target retrievers, this ground mounted wireless systems and is a perfect option.

Custom Shooting Range Target Retrieval Systems

Using durable materials and simple design ensures our manufacturing delivering long life. To allow for controlled positioning of each target’s distance, the target retrieval system is independently operated by each shooter. To help select the system that is right for you we do offer different options and will work with you. Complete with Target Car and Hangers, Stainless Steel Cable and Drive Cord, Motor Control Boxes, Retrieval Ends, Pre-Constructed Wiring Harness and Switches and Individual Stall Mounted Controls, all of our target retrieval systems are made of high-quality workmanship. Call Shooting Range Industries today for your new shooting range, whether you are looking to make a public facility, a range for professional military and law enforcement training, or want a private individual range, Shooting Range Industries is readily available to help you design and construct your shooting range.

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