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Beginners Guide to Guns; Home Preparation for New Gun Owners, Firearm Training & More

There is serious thought and planning that goes into firearm ownership, and none of it should be taken lightly. The number one thing is the safety of you and others. As the numbers continue to increase, according to a study, about 34% Americans own a shotgun, rifle or pistol. Gun owners must take the right to bear arms seriously beyond the Second amendment and other protective measures, which means investing money and time into proper training, safety equipment, and storage. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to share some basic steps people should take when they are considering firearm ownership.

Know & Understand Your Local Gun Laws

Ignorance will not get you out of legal trouble. No matter where you live, from the smallest rural town, to the suburbs, and the metropolis knowing the local gun laws are vital. There tends to be some gray areas when statutes and laws intermingle as the municipal codes, state laws, and federal law often conflict. Start off by finding out if the new firearm needs to be registered, or if you even need a permit to buy. You will want to know the conceal-carry permit laws and how traveling with a firearm is done. You can search local government websites to understand these important laws.

Home Preparation for New Gun Owner

To adequately prepare your home is one of the most important steps you need to take when owning a gun. Determine where the firearms will want to be stored. Decide where the maximum secure location will be, who will have authorized access for self-defense, and ensure you invest in a top-quality gun safe. Take the time to research your options, consider fire-proof and safes that can be camouflaged or hidden. Be sure all of the kids and spouses understand the new firearm, the rules and safety aspects and be sure to be cautious onto whom has access to the firearm.

Firearm Training Classes

The two points that seem fairly obvious and straightforward, are safely storing the gun and understanding the laws. However, getting proper firearms training is just as important. Make sure these classes are being taught by certified instructors at a reputable training facility that includes an assortment of classes. Learning the basics of handling, shooting techniques, gun safety, and more in a safe environment with an experienced professional. Ensure a lifetime of safe gun handling practices as you are instructed on how to load, unload, and safely handling, as well as proper care and maintenance.

Custom Modular Shooting Range Design & Build

There is a lot of responsibility when you choose to become a gun owner, and the decision should take a lot of thought and preparation. It is important that today’s gun owner has a firm understanding of the significant responsibilities involved with owning a firearm though enthusiasts have been enjoying shooting sports for decades. Make it your goal to become a responsible and safe gun owner for life. A quality gun range can help you improve and grow. Shooting Range Industries designs and builds custom portable shooting ranges. Contact us to learn more today!

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