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Beginners Guide to Getting An AR-15; Top Suggested Modifications & Tactical Performance Upgrades

If you are a gun or weapon enthusiast and you want to get a weapon that is a must have, the AR-15 might just be the option for you! The AR-15 has been part of some controversy in the media because of the usage and the look of the weapon but it is an amazing rifle to own. The fact that it has assault in the name has caused some controversy but assault refers to the action. It is still just a rifle like any other. One of the best parts about an AR-15 is that it is customizable and you can create many different styles, lengths and finishes.

Shooting Range Industries Lists Some of the Different Options When Choosing an AR-15

You Can Get A Basic Model AR-15: If this is your first AR and you are ready to start with a basic model you can get a great gun. The rifle will be a basic model and that does not mean that it is any less of a weapon but will mainly be standard configurations. The AR that is a basic rifle will have many of the same specs as the military issued version. You can still get this rifle in a 20 inch barrel or even the shorter 16 inch barrel. The standard with the military and often the basic AR model will have adjustable rear sights and a carry handle. The front end of the rifle in this category will be made of fiberglass but it is not compatible for mounting accessories. The best part about the basic model is they are able to take a lot of usage as well as abuse when using it to travel and shoot. This is a fun weapon to shoot and is a great option for many people that want to start out.
Upgrade To An Enhanced Model AR-15: Are you ready to move on to some competitive shooting and you want to show off your skill with the AR-15 than an enhanced model is the way to go. This is also the AR that is used most often when outfitting a police tactical team. This version is a model that won’t have a carry handle and it will usually have a flattop instead of the standard railed option. If this is the option that you choose, many will also upgrade to back up iron sights in case damage is done to the sights that are on the weapon. These additions are great for adding additional battery or optics you choose to use on your weapon. This upgraded model needs to be well taken care of so that the additions are not broken.
Go With A Deluxe Model AR-15: This is the way to go if you are an elite SWAT member of a real competitive shooter. The deluxe AR 15 is usually made and manufactured by a smaller shop. They are fully customized and can be made with small barrels as well as the standard long barrel. They also have options for different finishes as well as additions that are added to the weapon. This type of customized weapon is usually only purchased by a real enthusiast.

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