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Benefits of a Container Shooting Range; Portable, Safe, Convenient, Environmentally Friendly & More

Not all shooting ranges are built and designed to stay in one place. A modular shooting range is an indoor shooting range on the go. Modular shooting ranges are unique as they are an indoor shooting range that come to you. Modular shooting ranges are highly in demand and are used by military and law enforcement. In some situations, modular shooting ranges are also used for personal use. Shooting Range Industries will share the benefits of modular ranges.

What is a Modular Container Shooting Range?

A modular range, or also nicknamed as a “ready range,” is an engineered modular that is designed to be 100% ballistic proof. Each modular range is designed to have one to two live firing lanes with shoot stalls, bullet traps, lighting, ventilation systems and target retrieval systems. A modular range will have all of the same features as a full on indoor and outdoor range. Modular shooting ranges can also be designed with a more wide open layout with custom width lane to accommodate firing drills. The modular shooting range uses exterior electrical hook ups which can be connected and disconnected with ease.

Benefits of Modular Shooting Ranges?

There are a lot of benefits of modular shooting ranges. One of the major benefits of these ranges is that they come to you. They are essentially shooting ranges that can follow you wherever you go. Modular ranges are very popular for military and law enforcement due to this mobility. Another aspect to modular shooting ranges is that they are more environmentally friendly than outdoor shooting ranges. Outdoor shooting ranges can be setup rather quickly. However, lead bullets can affect the surrounding environment. Modular shooting ranges have bullet traps systems and a ventilation system to capture the lead and emissions. When you need a shooting range on site, a modular range will help the surrounding environment and make shooting far safer, especially near camps. Modular shooting ranges also allow shooting practice to continue even during times of bad weather. Depending on the location, the environment can be very hot or very cold. It could rain or snow and be very windy. When training needs to continue, a modular shooting range can provide protection from the weather and allow shooting practice to continue safely. Modular shooting ranges can also be adjusted at any time. If the current modular shooting range needs to be expanded, made longer or you need more firing lanes, adjustment to the range’s configuration can be easily made.

Custom Portable Shooting Ranges Made in the USA

When you find you are in need of an indoor range and all of its quality, a modular shooting range can be delivered and set up within 30 to 180 days. Depending on the location, a modular shooting range can be on site and ready rather quickly. For quality modular shooting ranges that meet all safety regulations and qualities of an indoor shooting range, contact Shooting Range Industries. We design and install these mobile shooting ranges. For modular shooting ranges and more, contact Shooting Range Industries today.

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