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Best Clothing for the Shooting Range; Brimmed Hats, Long Sleeve Shirts, Pants & More

Heading to the shooting range for the first few times is always an exciting adventure. People will get their gun cleaned, ammo packed in the magazines and perhaps an extra box or two in the bag, along with eye and ear protection among the essentials. However, when it comes to beginners spending time on the shooting range, few know the proper attire. Just like you would make sure everything else is ready, your attire is just as important as the ear and eye protection. There those who are simply wanting to impress and look the part, other prefer their comfort and care little about fashion statements. People fresh on the range should focus their clothing on the needed protection. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to share what clothing is more appropriate for time spent on the range.

What to Wear at a Shooting Range

Make certain your safety gear is packed up and ready to go before setting out your clothing. Prior to packing your gun bag, or if it is already there, take it out and give it an inspection and make sure it is all functioning efficiently and it is in adequate condition. Once you know the equipment is safe and ready, you can get to the clothing. The clothes worn are for your safety on the shooting range and should be chosen to reflect it.
1) Eye protection of some form are essential and shooting glasses makes it easy. By how much of your eyes are covered determines the more eye protection you have. The less risk is how much is covered. Clear or yellow lenses would be optimal for indoor ranges.
2) Ear protection is vital as guns are harmfully loud. Offering levels of different protection, there are a number of options to choose from ear plugs to earmuffs. You want to preserve your ears to the extreme because the more time you spend on the range the more abuse your ears endure.
3) Brimmed hats provide a little extra protection from hot cartridges that fly up into the air after being ejected.
These above items are important to invest in, however, if budget does allow for them all at once, you can rent them at most shooting ranges. Without these essential you can risk injury and at the very least, hinder the quality of your experience.

Shooting Range Outfit

We will cover the important gear that is recommended now that the most important elements are mentioned. Start with choosing clothes that are not loose including shirts, baggy sleeves, and pants. To handle your firearms efficiently, baggy clothing reduces the ability. Comfort and maneuverable clothes that are worn more fitted, such as t-shirts and pants. On both indoor and outdoor ranges, wear long pants and long sleeved t-shirts to protect you from any rogue hot shells that may be coming from your firearm. When hot cartridges hit naked skin, they can be quite painful. For better gripping and ensure proper stances for firing, stick to wearing sneakers or boots and give your face and neck more protection with the brimmed hats. The hot casings and other potential risks can affect the feet when open toe shoes and sandals.

Shooting Range Design, Manufacture & Fabrication

When you are on the range, always practice safety above all else and to remember your basic fundamentals to continue to improve. Shooting Range Industries designs and builds custom shooting ranges.

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