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Best Concealed Carry Gun for Women; Ruger LC9s, Glock 43 & More Handguns for Small Hands

There many options for women when it comes to picking a concealed carry pistol. It is important for the woman to do her homework and pick the pistol right for her. Women are often encouraged to use a 22. caliber pistol, since they are easier to handle as they have lighter recoil. However, they actually don’t cause as much damage to a person as one might desire. For proper protection, a woman should at least carry a 9mm. For those ladies who don’t know if they can handle a higher caliber weapon, here is a list of great concealed carry pistols for protection that are easier to control and handle. Shooting Range Industries will share some to the top choices of concealed carry firearm for women.

Best Concealed Carry Gun for Small Hands

9mm Ruger LC9s – A common pick for many women with a conceal carry is the 9mm Ruger LC9s. This pistol carries a 7 round, single stack magazine for a tight and compact feel. This pistol is designed without an external striker (it doesn’t have a hammer). Instead, it has an internal firing system which is great for a conceal carry weapon. Often the hammer can get caught on clothing, this pistol eliminates that. The Ruger LC9s’ only safety feature is the trigger. There is a dual tap system that requires both triggers to be pulled in order to fire a round. For some, they prefer an external safety mechanism. However the Ruger LC9s is a great quality hand gun for an affordable price and most women claim it is easily handled.
9mm Kahr CW9 – The Kahr CW9 was one of the first manufactured hand guns especially designed for conceal and ideally, for women. The Kahr CW9 is another 9mm pistol that is also a 7 round single stacked magazine fed pistol that comes with many features, but uses a simple design and is easily used. Although is has a small compact design and is great for conceal carry, the recoil springs are often really stiff and some women have a hard time racking the slider back. For women that don’t have a lot of strength, you may want to see how the gun feels first.
.38 Smith and Wesson M&P Bodyguard – The Smith and Wesson M&P Bodyguard is a great compact revolver that is lightweight and easily used. The Bodyguard uses an internal striker to fire a round which many conceal carriers like since there isn’t an external hammer. Even though the bodyguard uses a .38 special, which is a heavier caliber than a 9mm, it’s designed with a great coil reduction which helps make the pistol easier to handle and control.
9mm Glock 43 – The Glock 43 is a great compact pistol that uses a 9mm caliber and holds up to 6 rounds. The Glock 43 uses an internal striker that is simply designed. They are easy to clean and break down in order to clean it. Glocks have a great reputation and can function in any situation with very little malfunction. Due to their splendid performance, many love glocks for the reassurance that they will work when that emergency occurs.

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