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Best Dry Fire Training System; Snap Caps, Dummy Rounds, Blue Guns, Air Soft Pistol & More

Want to train way the military and law enforcement do? Most people imagine our military or law enforcement officers being on the range shooting live rounds. Where that is essential they also do dry fire training. Dry fire training helps with scenario training and muscle memory training. Shooting Range Industries will share information on basic dry firing training kits and how this training can help civilians as much as our military and law enforcement.

Dry Fire Training Equipment

Military and law enforcement do a lot of dry fire training since some scenarios can be too dangerous and/or it can get too expensive firing live rounds. When you want to increase your firearm skills it is recommended to spend time on the range and do basic dry fire training. Dry fire is completely safe and can be done inside your home. When you want to begin dry fire training you will want to get a few pieces of equipment to aid in your training.
Snap Caps & Dummy Rounds: Snap caps, or also known as dummy rounds, help in two ways in dry fire training. Snap caps help add weight to a pistol as if it was loaded. Another benefit of snap caps is that it helps protect your firearm’s components from dry fires. When you fire a pistol dry it can damage and wear down the pistol components, namely the striker. The striker can get damaged if it is repeatedly used during trigger press control and precision training. By having a snap cap or dummy round in the chamber during trigger training exercises, you provide a place for the striker to hit which prevents the striker from over extending and becoming damaged. Snap caps and dummy rounds are also great training aids for misfire and jam training simulations. Some of the most recommended snap caps are the plastic florescent orange snap caps. They are a dummy bullet and the color helps make it easy for you and others to identify that is a dummy round and not a real round. Brace snap cap rounds will last longer but can be mistaken for a live round. Snap cap or dummy rounds come in all calibers and is rather an essential dry fire training tool.
Blue Gun: Often referred to as a blue gun but can come in other colors is a plastic or resin mold of a pistol. You will want to get a blue gun that is a copy of the pistol you use for conceal/carry or home defense. To be clear, a blue gun is only a molded replica of a pistol and doesn’t fire or move in any way. Blue guns that are a replica of your firearm can be used in your holster. The blue gun is great for practice holster draws from a concealed potion, drawing into a good stance and achieving sight alignment. There are a number of ways blue guns are used for dry fire training and practice.
Air Soft Pistol: To safely practice live fire simulations often an air soft pistol can be used without causing bodily harm. Air soft pistols come in many types. It may not be possible to find your specific pistol but you can get pretty close. Get an air soft pistol that is the same model as your pistol or something similar. With an air soft pistol you can practice draw and fire training to see how you do in real time. You can practice draw and fire training in many positions from standing, kneeling, and lying down.

Custom Designed & Built Modular Shooting Ranges

When you want to increase your pistol training, dry firing is a beneficial practice, combined with range time. Shooting Range Industries encourages firearm safety and responsible firearm carries. We specialize in custom range design and construction. For quality ranges contact Shooting Range Industries today.

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