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Best Handgun for Beginner; What to Look for when Buying a Revolver or a Hammer or Striker Fired Pistol

When you have decided to buy your first handgun, you have probably been considering it for quite some time. This isn’t a decision you make on the fly. Different types of handguns are best for different uses. You need to think about what you are going to be using it for. You may be looking for home protection or you may be wanting to conceal carry. Shooting Range Industries is here to share some tips and point out some considerations that you should make when purchasing your first handgun.

Try Many Different Firearms

If you aren’t sold on which handgun you are wanting, it’s best to try several of them out before you buy one. You can hire an instructor that can bring a variety of guns for your try out at a shooting range before you pull the trigger on the one you want to purchase. It is helpful to have them show you some basic shooting skills that coincide with each of the guns and you will soon know which one feels the best and fit the bill for you. An instructor can also ensure that you are using the handgun properly. If you aren’t using a handgun properly, you don’t get a good feel for it and may decide you like it better when you are using it the way it is intended to be used.

Choose the Gun that is Right for You

As nice as it may sound to have someone gift you a firearm, it really is something that you have to do on your own. You don’t need the opinion of your significant other or even relatives on which gun you should choose. This decision is up to you and you alone. Sometimes it is best to even shop for the gun on your own so other’s opinions aren’t getting in the way of what you want.

Revolver or Pistol Handgun Selection

There are three different types of firearms that you will be choosing from, pistol and revolver. Here is what sets them apart from one another.
– Revolver: While a revolver can only hold a limited amount of ammunition, it is a reliable gun that doesn’t have a safety. It does have a heavy trigger pull and not everyone enjoys that. If you are planning to carry this gun, you may want to look for one that doesn’t have an external hammer as it can get caught on things when pulling it out.
– Pistol: There are two types of pistols; hammer and striker fired. Hammer fired guns have an external heavy hammer pull as well as an external safety that you have to disengage before shooting. Only the first shot has a heavy pull and after that the trigger is light. A striker fired pistol has a heavy trigger pull on every shot. Most of these pistols have a safety that is built into the gun and there isn’t a limited capacity that you have with a revolver.

Custom Shooting Ranges

It doesn’t matter what handgun you choose for your first firearm purchase you need to practice shooting it in a safe environment provided by Shooting Range Industries. Our modular shooting ranges are state of the art. Call us today!

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