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Best Handgun Modifications; Tin Barrel Coating, Optic Sights & Other Pistol Upgrades

Firearm owners are constantly looking for ways to improve their shooting or enhance their firearm. There are a ton of pistol modifications that can improve performance, increase longevity or simply add more style or personality to the pistol. For those considering upgrading or adding modifications to their pistol(s), Shooting Range Industries would like to share a few suggestions.

Pistol Upgrade Guides

Sights and Optics: To improve your aim or sight alignment, some of the best upgrades you can make to your pistol are by adding Neon Sights or Optic Sights. Neon Sights look awesome on any pistol. In addition, it helps acquire sight alignment faster. With two glowing green dots on the sides and a red in the middle, there is no question if you are in proper sight alignment. If you want to acquire your target faster and with more ease, then Optic sights are the way to go. If your goal is to improve your shots then consider adding Neon or Optic sights.
Polished or TiN Barrel: Many quickly assume polishing your pistol barrel is simply for aesthetic purposes only. Where polishing your pistol’s barrel does look nice, it also improves the pistol’s reliability. Polished barrels reduce feed jams or ejection failures. This is another simple improvement that one can make to their pistols. You can also coat the barrel and some other steel components of the pistol with TiN or Titanium Nitride. TiN can help protect your pistol form scratches and erosion. Keep in mind that TiN coated pistols still require the same regular cleaning.
Custom Grips and Stippling: Custom grips improve the grip for the shooter. Since every hand is different, grips are a great way yo help improve each person individually grip their pistol better. Enhancing the grip has also been proven to improve accuracy. At the same time, they make the gun look super cool. There are many grips to choose from, making it easier to find the grip which will improve each person’s handling of their pistol. Another option for better grips is stippling your pistol’s grip. Stippling adds a grainy texture that helps improve the grip, almost acting like Velcro.
Custom Trigger: Triggers are either changed out for looks or for better performance and often both. Triggers can be adjusted and changed out. Each is rated as to how much pound of pressure is required to squeeze the trigger. This will vary on the skill or desire of how the shooter wants to perform with their firearm.
Compensator: A compensator is essential weight. Adding weight to the pistol can help reduce the recoil and redirect the muzzle in an upward blast motion during each fired shot. This can improve accuracy and the shooters handling of a pistol, especially high calibers.
Magazine Skirt or Well: A magazine well or sometimes referred to as a mag skirt can help reload each magazine faster, especially those with larger hands. They can also help provide more grip to smaller handguns which are commonly used for concealed carry.

Custom Shooting Ranges Made in the USA

There are so many options to choose from. When you can’t decide which one to do then the answer is simple; do them all. Improving your performance with your pistol is essential. Responsible firearm owners should be able to use their pistol safely and with accuracy. Shooting Range Industries wishes you happy upgrading as we continue to design and construct quality gun ranges. Contact us today!

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