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Best Handguns for Left Handed Shooters to Practice & Train at the Shooting Range & For Concealed Carry

Being left handed comes with many issues that right handed people are not aware of. Left handed people only make up 10% of the population so any chance that these annoyances they deal with will ever be seriously addressed are quite small. Something as simple as using a can opener to open a can of beans can become difficult for a left handed person. Scissors are another tool that are specifically designed for righties only. Only a left handed person knows the pain felt when walking into a classroom that only contains right handed desks, not to mention using a spiral notebook. There are many other issues that lefties are forced to deal with on a daily basis, however there are some obstacles that can be overcome. Going to the shooting range is a great activity for a lefty or a righty, but if you are a left handed shooter, there are a few hand guns that will be more comfortable for you to shoot.

Left Handed Shooters Should Consider a Revolver Like the Smith and Wesson Airweight at the Gun Range

Most any revolver will work great for a left handed shooter at the gun range. One of the best revolvers for a left handed shooter is the Smith and Wesson Airweight J Frame. This firearm is available in .38 special and .357 magnum and is also available with the option of an internal or external hammer. This revolver has a very comfortable feel and is easy to shoot. With regular practice you can become an ace with the Smith and Wesson Airweight. There is only one downside of being a lefty and using a revolver at the gun range; you must move the revolver to your right hand to reload and then move it back.

The Glock 19 is an Excellent Choice of Firearm for Left Handed Shooting & Concealed Carry

Glocks are known for their durability and toughness, they are easy to shoot and very uncomplicated to use. The Glock 19 is a compact handgun chambered in 9mm and is a very popular choice to carry concealed. The primary benefit of a Glock for a left handed shooter is that there is no primary safety on the firearm. This means that a safety will never be out of reach on the wrong side of the gun, because there is no safety. The Glock 19 does have a drop safe trigger for those who may feel uncomfortable carrying a firearm without a manual safety. The only downside of carrying the Glock 19 for a left handed shooter is that the magazine release is placed to be more comfortable for a right handed shooter.

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