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Best Pistol & Shotgun Exhibition Shooters; Fast Draw Bob Munden, Famous Annie Oakley, The Fabulous Toepperweins & More

Whether it’s the traveling Wild West exhibitions of the 1800’s or today’s YouTube sharpshooters, exhibition shooters have both fascinated and amazed the general public with their feats of coordination and disciplined practice for decades.

Shooting Range Industries Present Some of the Best Exhibition Shooters of All Time Include:

Annie Oakley: Annie Oakley joined Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in 1885; nicknamed “Little Sure Shot” she performed her shooting exhibitions worldwide to a wide range of audiences. Annie is best known for shooting the ash from Kaiser Wilhelm II’s cigarette. Although tiny at only 5’foot tall she had a personality larger than life. Oakley continued to shoot and set records well into her sixties.

Bob Munden: Dubbed “The fastest gun who ever lived”, Munden’s speed and accuracy almost didn’t appear real. Bob Munden made several appearances and participated many times on the American Shooter television show where audiences tuned in regularly to see Munden shoot aspirin tablets off of nails, split thrown playing cards and make incredibly long-range shots with nothing but handgun. Munden held 18 world records in a number of fast-draw events during his lifetime.

Herb Parsons: Parsons was a Winchester shooter showman for over 30 years and was one of the greatest exhibition shooters in the exhibition shooting world. Parsons career was inspired by Adolph Toepperwein and he went on to become his protégé in later years. Herb Parsons was a serious competitor and won several awards including the Grand American Trap Shoot. It was not uncommon for him to break seven hand-thrown clays before they hit the ground. One of his most impressive shots was firing a bullet hole through a washer that had been thrown in the air.

The Fabulous Toepperweins: Adolf & Elizabeth Toepperwein were a husband and wife team who worked as exhibition shooters for Winchester for more than 40 years. Elizabeth was the first women to shoot at the Grand American Trap Tournament, shooting 100 targets straight more than 200 times in her career.

Tom Knapp: Also known as “The Shooting Star”, Tom Knapp is one of the most well-known shotgun exhibition shooters who ever lived. Tom Knapp held three world records the last in 2004 when he hit 10 clay targets out of the air in 2.2 seconds. Knapp’s personality and amazing shooting ability made him a favorite with fans for years.

Jerry Miculek: is known as the best all-around shooter, including holding five world records for revolver shooting, Jerry is also well known for his list of championships and he remains a man to be reckoned with in any competition he chooses to enter.

John Huffer: John is an expert in aerial rifle shooting and is also one of the worlds best at using a slingshot. In 1987 at age 50, Huffer shot 40,060 consecutive 21/2 inch square pine blocks over an 8 day period without missing any.

D.A. Bryce: Also known as Jelly or Delf, Bryce served as an officer with the Oklahoma City Police Department and later as an investigator with the FBI. Bryce was a skilled target shooter and had an extremely quick draw. On of his most famous demonstrations includes holding a coin at shoulder height, drop it, and then draw his revolver and shoot the coin by the time it reached waist height.

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