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Best Secret Hiding Places to Secure Firearms in Your Home for Self Defense; Hide a Gun Furniture & Picture Frames

If you are an avid gun owner and love to shoot you probably have weapons at your home. If you are comfortable with weapons you most likely want to have them near you and around your home in case of an emergency. You can’t always get to a locked and hidden safe in your upstairs closet if an intruder picks your home as a target. You need to be able to protect you and your family in these types of circumstances. You may also not be comfortable just having them sitting on a shelf or leaned up on a wall. There are some great tips on ways to keep them near you and ready but still hidden.

Shooting Range Industries Lists Things to Consider When Hiding Your Guns Around Your Home

Where To Keep A Gun for Home Defense: If you think about where you can be found in your home throughout the day, you will probably say everywhere. Okay so where is the best room to keep a gun in case you are put in an emergency that needs to be addressed? Well if you start listing the most common rooms then you are wrong. You should do what you can to have a gun in every single room in your home. You never know where you will be when you need to protect yourself so make sure you are prepared. This includes places like bedrooms, kitchen and even the basement. This may not happen right away since you will need quite a few firearms to ensure you have one per room.
Hiding Firearms in Plain Sight?: One of the mistakes that people make is to keep a firearm out in plain sight. The problem with that is if an intruder chooses to come in your home they can easily grab your own firearm and take it with them or even worse, use it against you. You want to keep your firearms hidden away so that you know where they are but someone else would not be able to see them easily. You also want to make sure that they are hidden so that a child cannot get a hold of the firearm. A child can be quite curious if they see a gun sitting around in a place they can reach.
Secure Your Firearms in Hide a Gun Furniture & Picture Frames: Having a firearm that is fully loaded and set up against a wall behind the couch can be dangerous. This is because if the firearm is knocked over it can discharge and potentially cause harm to someone nearby. The great thing is that there are lots of pieces of furniture as well as art work that is made specifically to hide a firearm and even extra ammo without being obvious. The great thing is to have these kinds of places to hide them so that you know the firearm is secured and safe.

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