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Best Semi Auto & Revolver Concealed Carry & Trail Handguns; 9mm, 40 S&W & More

Most of those who carry will opt for a semi-automatic, box magazine fed pistol. They are flat, easily reloaded and have hefty magazine capacities. You seldom see outside of westerns, a revolver in the movies. Most everyone uses a semi-auto. Action scenes flow because of quick reloading and large amounts of ammo. They shoot rapidly and are considered the primary armament. There are a few diehards that carry a snub-nosed 5 shot .38 Special with speed loaders for defensive firepower, but most of us will consider the semi-auto as our everyday carry and is probably the primary choice for the urban crusader.

Revolvers are Less Likely to Jam

But the ‘wheel gun’ has certain advantages out in the field. Quality revolvers are extremely reliable and are not sensitive to ammo. Ammo that causes stoppages and jams in an auto will function flawlessly in a revolver (and yes there are 9mm and 45 ACP revolvers).

Revolvers Use More Powerful Ammo

Revolvers have the option of more powerful ammunition. Except for the Desert Eagle in .44 Magnum or .50 AE most semi-auto are designed as defensive rounds against two-legged assailants. But heavy revolvers can be decisive medicine against even a Grizzly if necessary. Autos would choke on shotshells while the revolver will soldier on with any kind of quality ammo. The only commercial relative light weight auto cartridge is the 10mm. It has the ‘beans’ to churn up the power to stop moose sized critters if called upon, but still depends on good ammo to operate.

Best Semi Auto Concealed Carry Handgun

You’re a weekend warrior that heads out into the bush any opportunity that arises. You also have a concealed carry permit, one gun or two? It is hard to argue against a good semi-auto for urban defense. Natural hand to hand reloading, boxed magazines that package reloads and aid in the quick feeding of the handgun. Like Stalin is quoted, quantity had a quality of its own, or something like that. With most autos you can carry up to 10 rounds in states with magazine restrictions on capacity or higher in those states that don’t control the capacity. That will give you about 21 rounds with spare mag and one up the pipe. Unless you’re John Wick with multiple assailants that should suffice in most defensive situations. Most autos are slim in comparison to a revolver and thus easier to conceal. Therefore, in an urban environment you will like most pick a suitable semi-auto in a caliber of your choice, currently that would be 9mm, 40 S&W or 45 ACP being the most popular. Some would even consider a .380 Auto.

Best Revolver for Concealed Carry

Those that chose a revolver will usually opt for a short barreled .38 Special or .357 Mag with 5 or 6 rounds, or maybe a .32 Magnum with an additional shot, 6 to 7 rounds. At least two spare speed loaders with yield between 15-18 shots. Loading drills take more practice but at typical combat ranges these options will yield an effective short-range defensive gun. Big bore fans may even opt for the .44 Special Bulldog.

Best Trail Gun

Out in the bush you must consider what your activities will entail. Fishing streams will put you into some heavy bush, snake country. A medium 4 inch 357 or 44 mag with shot shells will deal with these sneaky denizens. In black bear country a .357 or 44 mag in soft point will do the trick. Farther north a .44 Mag or .480 Smith & Wesson mag can take on even a Grizzly or big brown. You must arm yourself in consideration of your possible maximum threat. Limited one field gun, a .44 can be downloaded to .44 Special giving you some versatile options. Of course, you need some speed loaders in your pockets, just in case.

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