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Best Shooting Glasses; Comfort, Protection & Clear Lens Color for Firing Guns in Indoor Ranges

In every range bag there should be a good quality pair of shooting glasses. Many believe it just offers more protection. In the event an accident occurs, you will want to protect your eyes. While this is the main objective of shooting glasses, they actually offer so much more. Shooting Range Industries will offer some insight when choosing shooting glasses for your range bag or even for those whose profession requires daily use and how shooting glass technology helps improve as well as protects the shooter.

How to Choose the Best Shooting Glasses

There are a number of key points you will want to consider when you are looking to buy shooting glasses. Here is a break down along with a few considerations you will want to keep in mind the next time you’re shopping for shooting glasses.
Comfort – Especially for law enforcement or military that carry firearms as part of the job, their eyes will need constant protection. Same goes for those who spend a few hours at the range. Performance, to some degree, depends on comfort. Shooting takes focus and if your face or eyes are irritated by the glasses, it will have its affects. Some shooting glass can also cause headaches. When in the market for a pair of shooting glasses, consider your comfort. It is recommended to not only make sure all specifications are met, but provide comfort as well. Make sure you try on the shooting glasses before buying them.
Protection – The main goal for shooting glasses is protection. When shopping around for shooting glasses check the “Impact Resistance Rating” of the lens. The minimum rating you should consider using is the “ANSI Z87.1 (the high impact rated glasses are “Z87.1 + Plus). The lenses are design to protect your eyes in the event a problem occurs either with the firearm or ammunition. Additionally, the glasses should provide protection from other elements. Wind can blow all sorts of particles into your eye. Therefore, it is beneficial for the shooter to completely protect their eyes from other elements entering into their eyes.
Material – The material of the lens is also important. Lenses get scratched easily which affects your shooting. Some lenses that are known for being scratch resistant are polycarbonate, which is the best for durability and lightness as well. Polycarbonate is the same type of material used to make automobile glasses which are designed to withstand the force of a shotgun blast.
Color – The color of the lens actually has an effect on the shooter and not just for looks. The color of lens affects human vision. Therefore, the right color can improve the person’s shooting. The darker tinted lens help to remove glare and make the target appear clearer during the daylight hours, while yellow or lighter tinted lens helps outline the target making the target appear clearer and separated from other surrounding objects. For on duty officers, the darker tinted glasses help during day light hours outside human structures. For those shooting in indoor ranges, you might find your shooting improves!

Custom Shooting Ranges Designed & Fabricated in Las Vegas, Nevada

Shooting glasses are a serious piece of equipment for all shooters. For those who are looking for their next pair of shooting glasses, keep these considerations in mind. Shooting Range Industries builds quality custom shooting ranges and loves to provide helpful information to you.

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