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Best Survival Guns for Emergency Preparedness; 12 Gauge Shotguns, Semi-Automatic Rifle, 9mm Handgun & More

It’s no secret that when emergencies strike, people tend to go a little bit crazy. That’s not to mention that food may be hard to come by. In order for you to be completely ready for emergency situations, you need to have firearms in your emergency preparedness storage. Shooting Range Industries has put together a list of a guns that may prove to be helpful when faced with disaster.


If you can only have one gun in your emergency supply, a shotgun is your best choice. They are easy to use and the ammunition is cheap. One of the biggest reasons you should choose a shotgun, is the fact that it will not only be good for self-defense, but you can successfully hunt with it as well. 12 gauge shotguns are more available and have cheap ammunition. You can never go wrong with pump action shotguns for reliability, but a semi-auto shotgun can be great for tactical situations if it is properly maintained.


There are a few rifles that are great for emergency preparedness. Here are a few:
Semi-Automatic Rifle– The two most popular semi-automatic rifles are the AK-47 and AR-15. These guns are tactical firearms and can also be used to hunt. Both use ammunition that is inexpensive and easy to find. These guns are great options for emergency situations.
Small Game Rifle– This would be your .22 rifle. This shouldn’t be your only gun when talking about what guns you have for self-defense. You are far better off with other choices, but this gun will still kill small game if needed and is good to have around.
Long Range Rifle– If you are ever find yourself needing to kill large game, this is the gun for you. You want to be able to shoot from 400-600 yards and the long range rifle will do just that.


When looking for a gun that you can keep in your nightstand for self-defense, a 9mm handgun is a great choice for you. You can also look at a .40 or .45 for a great defense weapon. There is a lot of debate over which one is better, and it all comes down to preference. This isn’t the gun you should choose if you only have one gun for defense and survival. This won’t do it all, but it will defend you when needed.

Have the Ammunition Needed

When it comes down to a disaster, you will wish you had the ammunition needed to shoot your guns beforehand. If ammunition is in high demand, you might not be able to find it when you need it. You could also end up way more than you would normally because of supply and demand issues. Stock up now and save yourself the headache later.

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