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Best Way to Conceal Carry in the Summer; Pocket Holster, Shoulder Harness or Ankle Holster & More

When there are times of unrest most people are looking for ways they can protect themselves and their families. Of course you can always get cameras around your house, security alarms to alert of an intruder and even a dog to scare off someone with ill intent. These are all great but if they are not enough of a deterrent you will have to find a way to protect yourself and stand your ground. You cannot beg or reason with someone who is there to do harm and this is why many people are choosing to carry a firearm. This is a way to ensure that you have a protection by your side at all times. You want to be sure that you know the conceal carry laws that are in your area and your state. You want to make sure that you follow the rules and laws which may include taking classes, paying fees and testing your shot. Then you want to be sure that you have a way to carry your firearm safely and comfortably. Shooting Range Industries outlines what options you have to conceal carry your firearm.

Pocket Holster

One of the things that you might be interested in when you choose to conceal carry is the size of the handgun that you choose. There are some that want a small compact and easily concealable option to carry around on a regular basis. The smaller the weapon that you carry the less bullets that it will hold which is something that people will take into account. The great thing is that if you choose to have a small and compact handgun you can use a pocket holster. Some want to have it close to a position that is easy to gain access whether you are on the move or you are hiding down. There are holsters that you can purchase that go right inside your front pocket. They attach to the pocket itself and have a placement for the weapon to lay in safely and securely.

Shoulder Holster Harness

You might be a business man that wears a suit for work on a regular basis. There are lots of men that dress up for work and choose to have a gun that they want to be able to carry. Often dress slacks are not the best way to carry a gun which is why a shoulder holster might be your best option. The great thing is that you can have it secured to your side on shoulder sling. Then you place your coat or jacket and it is well hidden and out of sight. It also very accessible from just about any position.

Ankle Holster

If you are someone that wants a different option and a pocket or shoulder holster won’t work then an ankle holster could be the answer. This is great for someone who has to dress up but does not want to carry a jacket or coat with them. The ankle option hold a compact gun just about the ankle and is a perfect fit for many situations.

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