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Best Way to Conceal Carry; Most Comfortable Concealed Carry Positions & Holsters; In Waistband (IWB), Appendix, Shoulder & Off Body

More and more people are choosing to find ways to protect themselves and their loved ones. One way is to have personal firearms and to use them when you are threatened in your home. This is great except that cases are increasing of people being attacked, robbed and assaulted while they are out in public. There are also many more reports of people that are choosing to wreak havoc on a community or a place of business. Your personal weapon that is left in your home does you no good in these circumstances. You need to have a firearm on your person at these times but most states that allow concealed carry also require you to pass a test and a background check. We encourage all those that want to get their CCW to practice at the range safe firearm handling as well as accurate shooting as well. Once you are approved to conceal carry you now need to decide the best place for you to carry the weapon not only for safety but comfort too.

Shooting Range Industries Has A List Of Areas That You Can Carry a Concealed Handgun

IWB (In Waist Band) Concealed Carry Holster: If you want to grab your handgun and place it in the waistband of the pants that you are wearing, this would be considered IWB. This is still a bit of a generalization since the area around the body also has a location that is usually based on a clock. If you place the handgun IWB at the small of your back it is at 6 o’clock and so on. If you choose to have your handgun in the small of your back you may have some setbacks. If you are driving or plan on sitting for a long period of time this may not be right for you. The small of your back will not as accessible to you in these instances and it can be harder to retrieve your handgun when the time arises.
Appendix Carry Holster: If you are one of those people that want to carry the handgun in the waistband but want to have a better position to grab from you can appendix carry. The weapon will still be in the waistband of your pants either in or out of a holster but the position would be two o’clock if you are right handed. This is basically the area that your arm is already at and makes for a fast retrieval.
Off Body Concealed Carry Cases: You may be a woman that has decided to conceal carry and you might not have clothes all the time that are capable of concealing the weapon properly. You have the option to conceal the handgun in your bag or purse. You can purchase a bag that is especially designed to hold a weapon securely and makes it easy to grab when needed.
Shoulder Strap Holster for Concealed Carry: If you are going to be using a jacket or coat and want to put your weapon somewhere else you can use a shoulder holster. The holster is able to attach around your shoulder and have a holster for your weapon that can be retrieved from under your coat.

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