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Shooting Range Therapy; Stress Relief, Physical Activity, Encourage Confidence & Other Health Benefits

With Christmas right around the corner, many people are looking to gift their gun enthusiasts a meaningful gift. Offering a gift of a shooting range membership might be the perfect option since it offers health benefits as well. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to take the opportunity to share the advantages of…

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Types of Situational Awareness for Shooters; Condition White, Yellow, Orange, Red & Black Meaning & More

Awareness is critical, especially for self-defense, shooting, and other hard skills using physical force. We may be able to see a potentially life-threatening situation starting to develop when we actively become more aware. Situations can be reacted to faster, deescalating intense scenarios, or even avoiding issues altogether. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like…

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Gun Range Safety Tips; Always Treat Firearms as Loaded, Keep Finger Off Trigger Until Ready to Fire & More

When visiting a gun range, safety is the number one concern and improving your handling and effectiveness is second. At the gun range there is a number of safety rules already set in place. However, there are additional steps each person can take to improve safety at the gun range. Shooting Range Industries would like…

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Busting Firearm Myths; Can a Gun Go Off if You Drop It? Can a Lead Bullet Cause a Spark & More

For those who are experienced with firearms, you may be very frustrated with all of the misconceptions and myths surrounding them. Those people who have never been around firearms may watch the latest Hollywood action movies and think that what they are seeing can actually happen. However, like much of what is in Hollywood movies,…

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Handgun Accessories; Laser Dot Sights, Flashlight Attachment, High Capacity Magazine & More

Shooters love to show off their firearms and its accessories. Many people will look at a pistol, laser, flashlight attachments and other accessories for modifications and wonder about their purpose. Some people believe that pistol accessories are for show and to make the pistol look “cooler”. This is nowhere near the truth. Pistol attachments and…

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Unique Gifts for Gun Lovers; Electronic Hearing Protection, Shooting Range Bag, Nanovault & More

If you have to shop for a gun enthusiast for the holidays, especially if you know little about firearms, you may be wondering what to find for that special someone. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to offer some recommendations. Personalized & Other Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts 1) Electronic Hearing Protection. The shooting’s…

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