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MILO Range Simulator; Virtual Firearms Training for Emerging Threats, Use of Force & More

Being engineered to provide officers dynamic, real-world training exercises that improve situational awareness and safety, virtual training systems are highly customizable. The virtual training environment can imitate average daily encounters, active shooters, and other use-of-force scenarios. Being more prepared to respond to any type of threat regardless of its severity, officers who participate in virtual…

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Best Hunting Rifles; Ruger American 30-06, Thompson Center Compass 270, Mossberg Patriot 308 & More

In decades past, the term “budget hunting rifle” was code for “piece of junk.” Fortunately, manufacturers are now producing reasonably priced and still offer high-quality hunting rifles in popular hunting calibers. Every rifle on this list is an extremely capable bolt-action hunting rifle in the right hands while it’s true most budget hunting rifles are…

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Indoor Shooting Range Ventilation Requirements & Design Standards; Air Filtration System & More

The ventilation is one of the most important aspects of an indoor shooting range. Where it can be a challenge for people to understand what information is accurate, it has many misconceptions. We at Shooting Range Industries would like to take the opportunity to discuss the importance of range ventilation and clear up those misconceptions.…

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Law Enforcement Shotgun Drills for Law Enforcement; Weak Hand, Standard Mounting, Flashlight Drill & More

An often overlooked resource are shotguns. These firearms are used in both law enforcement and military. Shotguns are ideal for close range combat and are equally important among the tactical team. To help those in law enforcement that are looking for some extra drills to better handle your shotgun, we at Shooting Range Industries would…

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Best Firearms for Women Concealed Carry; How to Choose a Handgun for Elderly Woman, Female Runner & More

More and more people are opting to carry concealed weapons, including women. Whether they are looking for more efficient ways to protect themselves or the community, or just want to feel safe, responsible concealed weapon carrying can help meet these needs. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to spotlight some of the best…

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