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Building an Indoor Shooting Gun Range; Ventilation & HVAC Air Conditioning Design Systems

Having a shooting range at your disposal is optimal for military and law enforcement firing drills. The more capabilities and features it has, the more opportunities your personnel has to growing individually and as a team unit. Improving firing skills, drills, and other key points are all essential. When your officers spend a considerable amount of time in an indoor shooting range facility, it is important to have as many safety aspects in place as possible. An HVAC system contributes to safety as much as it does to comfort.

Indoor Shooting Range Design Standards

Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to expound on the importance the HVAC system has to offer your shooting range. For starters, a well balanced HVAC design for any shooting range should include the following primary functions:
Air Pressure. It is essential that the air pressure as well as air flow within the range’s environment is up to par.
ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) Standards are assured to establish the system has meant all guidelines and protocols.
Balanced Air Flow. Within the occupied environment, the balanced air flow between the supply and returns systems need to maintain neutral pressure.
Cooling, Heating, and Filtering Loads. Throughout the annual seasons, your heating, cooling and filtering loads need to be consistently operating at peak performance.
Ductwork. The ductwork needs to be properly placed, sealed distributed, cycled, and drafted to ensure all of the featured designs work at full operation.
Refrigerants. Refrigerants, in accordance with government regulations need to be properly chargers.
HVAC Size. HVAC systems are not a one size fits all, and will all need to be properly sized for the intended space to ensure optimal efficiency.

HVAC Load Calculation for Indoor Shooting Ranges

To increase efficiency and save a sizable amount of cost, performing a simple accurate load calculation for your HVAC system can be a drastic improvement. Based on the existing HVAC system can be a mistake as the ductwork can be poor and the overall system incorrect. Reusing any materials can result in poor quality and faulty workmanship. Ductwork especially can potentially result in leaks if not replaced with the correct energy efficient system.

What Size HVAC Unit Do You Need for Your Indoor Shooting Range

If the HVAC is improperly sized, not only can it cause over spent funds in other categories, but it will take a toll on start up costs, and excessive operating costs, cause a strain on the appliance which can lead to premature mechanical failure, furthering your overall costs as well contributing to detrimental consequences to the environment.

Custom Portable Modular Shooting Range Design, Equipment & Accessories; Bullet Traps, Firearm Stalls, Target Retrieval Systems, Ceiling Guards & More

Understanding the overall use of your shooting range’s HVAC system is important to getting the best quality system with the most affordable budgets. At Shooting Range Industries, we know HVAC systems and the importance they have to play in your indoor shooting range. With our consultation service, we can discuss all the important attributes previously listed and how we can maintain a well balanced system that is cost effective and efficient. Call us today to get started!

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