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Bulk Ammo Storage Tips; Best Way to Organize Ammunition, Ideal Places to Store Safely & More

Storing your ammo is equally as important as storing the firearms. Without the ammunition the firearms in no more useful than a club. Many people feel safer having a stockpile of the various size ammo for their guns. However, what many people do not realize is there are important considerations that need to be applied to keep the ammo safe and viable. With this in mind, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to offer a few important recommendations for storing ammunition.

Know Type of Ammo Being Stored

The original box is best for storing ammunition. As it arrives or bought, placing the fresh new box is simple enough. It is in your better interest to resist pouring them into a metal can. Though it looks impressive to have 500 9mms in an ammo can, they are subject to damage from handling and the elements. Additionally, you are not able to exchange the ammo once it out of the box. This applies if for example you trade your gun in for a different caliber, or other circumstances such as this.

Best Places for Storing Ammo

When properly stored, 100-year old ammo can still be used with efficient results. However, ineffectively stored ammo can become useless paperweights as the corrosion renders them useless. Ultimately, your storage method will determine the shelf life of your ammo. You will want to select a dark, dry and cool, but not cold, place for your ammo storage, such as a closet in your home. Avoid places such as basement storage or storing ammo in the attic. The normal temperature fluctuations are not a concern; however, constant humidity and condensation is. Take into account the likely places where the humidity is excessive as well as avoiding placing them close to any solvents and cleaning compounds.

Store Ammo Dry & Cool

Failures to fire result from powder contamination is far greater than primer failure. Changes in temperature or humidity can cause the cartridge case to corrode. Featured in some lead bullet loads as well as some jacketed loads, is a lubricant in grease grooves on the bullet. If the ammunition becomes too hot, this grease will melt out of the grooves into the powder.

Organize Ammo

On the floor or in a large MTM plastic box, keep your stored ammo organized. Be sure to stack the boxes accordingly and keep the more commonly used ammo on top so it is easier to get when you are ready for it.

Safe Ammo Storage at Home

In addition to storing the ammo in ideal conditions, you need to sure it is safe from unauthorized users as well. You can also maintain an ammunition supply in loaded magazines as long as the magazines are efficiently stored as well. Be sure to rotate your supply for good measure. In any case, ensuring your ammunition is well stored and kept safe means more efficient shooting experiences, whether you use ammo for your job, competition, recreationally, or even as protection, you want to to ensure the ammo is reliable.

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