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Bullet Trap Systems by Shooting Range Industries

The extreme requirements of a commercial/military grade bullet trap is paramount to the success of your indoor/outdoor live fire shooting range. The bullet trap is one of the major key components of any shooting range facility. There have been many bullet trap designs over the years, each with strong and weak points. In comparing bullet traps, we should ask some simple yet poignant questions to determine which design is not only best suited for your needs but the most long term cost effective for your range operation.

Our Bullet Traps make Lead Collection & Disposal Fast, Easy & Safe

Shooting Range Industries offers a selection of bullet traps to fit your shooting range needs depending on your specific shooting range design. All Shooting Range Industries bullet traps are designed and manufactured onsite by our skilled professionals to consistently, reliably, and safely receive all caliber bullets under all live fire training conditions.

Our bullet traps safely collect and store all bullets fired down range without causing environmental damage. Shooting Range Industries Bullet Traps effectively allow for the safe removal and disposal of all lead and other debris without human contact or environmental damage.

Military, Law Enforcement, Commercial & Private Bullet Traps

Shooting Range Industries is a leading expert in ballistic containment and pride ourselves in developing shooting range management protocols & practices keeping our clients at the cutting edge of live fire training. Shooting Range Industries understands that every range project is unique, and all circumstances must be considered when selecting the appropriate bullet trap system, as well as all other components to the specific Shooting Range Product required by the specific Client. Call Us Today to discuss your needs and allow us to put our expertise to work for you. Whether you are looking for Military, Law Enforcement, Commercial or even Private Shooting Range Solution, we will work with you to deliver the best product to fit your specific needs.

  1. Will your choice of bullet trap fit through the door location in your range
    or will you have to build around it or leave a wall out (to fill in later) for access?
  2. What is the foot print of the bullet trap? Some commercially available trap systems are 14’ to 16‘ in depth. Times that length dimension by the width of your range and you have a large area of building square footage being consumed by the trap foot print that is costing you monies in building space and construction costs.
  3. Does the bullet trap have media of sand, rubber or water that has to be separated from the fired bullets to be collected?
  4. How much time and labor on a weekly/monthly basis will it take to collect these spent rounds?
  5. How much down time will your range be shut down to “mine” the lead from your range.
    Is there a possible fire hazard from the bullet trap media?
  6. Can you collect your own lead, recycle and collect monies, or do you have to depend on an outside company to do this for you, and what will they charge you?
  7. Most bullet traps on the market are of a horizontal design. How does the trap system join and seal to the two inside vertical walls? This is the most critical area of bullets possibly escaping the trap.
  8. Does the bullet trap design have any considerations for airborne particulate and a way to help collect it?
  9. Is the bullet trap free standing so it does not rely on the surrounding structure for support? And can it be also placed outside without other structural support?
  10. Is the design a true bullet trap that captures the bullet or is it just a deflector?
  11. Are all steel/support components of the trap made of hardened AR 500 steel or are standard milled steel plates and angle iron used?

  • Rear Bullet Trap System with Exhaust
  • Rear of Bullet TrapsBullet Traps Rear View
  • Front ViewBullet Traps Front View
  • Front ViewBullet Traps Front View
  • 50 Cal Bullet Trap ProductionBullet Traps 50 Cal

Rubber Bullet Traps

Indoor & Outdoor Bullet Traps

As you can see, there are some important questions to consider when making your bullet trap choice, not only for function but also for ease of maintenance and overall cost.
The hardy design of the Shooting Range Industries LLC “SRI” series of modular free standing bullet traps solves the above concerns when it comes to your bullet trap selection with a simple, affordable and straight forward product.

SRI offers the P-2000, the R-3600 and the 50Cal-95 bullet traps

These bullet traps come with a solid main body that will fit through a 3’ 0” door, enabling you to use standard door sizes to place it in the range. Once it is set in place the bolt-on extension plates are connected to the main body to bring the trap out to its full height and width.

Free Standing & Modular Bullet Traps

As these traps are free standing they require no building modification or structural support to be installed into your building. A flat concrete floor is all that is required.

Because they are freestanding they are a great outside solution to dirt berm backstops.

Modular in design, each bullet trap is butted up to the next trap and joined together with a knife edge connector. Both the pistol and rifle traps are 95.5 inches in length. This smaller foot print will save you tens of thousands of dollars in wasted building space that other bullet traps will require.

True Bullet Traps Design

The SRI bullet traps are true bullet traps. All projectiles that enter the mouth of the trap are directed in to the rear vertical cylindrical bullet catch that decelerates the bullet until it loses its inertia and fails into the collection container under the back body of the trap. No other media such as rubber, sand or water are used in this passive style of trap. Therefore you have nothing to sift , separate or “mine” out or your bullet trap system to collect the lead.

You are never reliant on another company to collect your lead and your range will not suffer the down time of having to close operations so your lead can be mined from your bullet trap. Calling your local recycler to come pick up your lead and generate additional income could not be more time efficient or simple.

All surfaces of the bullet traps that come in contact with the fired bullets are all hardened AR plate and at specially designed angles so as not to put additional wear on the plate. No standard steels are used for these contact surfaces.

Vertically Designed Bullet Traps

SRI bullet traps are of a vertical design. Along with using the advantage of gravity to slow and collect the bullets, this unique system allows for a very important mating and connection to the two inside walls of your range envelope that houses the bullet traps. This vertical system is far superior to horizontal designs when it comes to containing rounds that strike these inside walls and to keep bullets from getting around the trap and striking the rear wall behind the bullet traps.

Bullet Traps Exhaust Port

Another unique feature of the SRI bullet traps is the exhaust port on top of the rear cylindrical bullet collector portion of the trap.  This exhaust port allows you to connect to your existing air filtration system to collect any free born air particulate. This creates a negative pressure in the bullet trap and helps prevent the accumulation of lead dust and other light particulates.

One fallacy with some other trap designs is the claim of no lead dust.

A good percentage of rounds fired in most indoor ranges strike the floor or ceiling plates before even making it to the bullet trap. This initial contact will start to deform and degrade the bullet, and air lead particulate can be created before entering the bullet trap itself.

This is why your ventilation and exhaust systems are a very important key element in conjunction with your bullet trap system to create and provide a clean and safe shooting environment for the shooter as well as range instructor’s and maintenance personnel.

SRI can assist you with all of your range filtration needs as we have been in the HVAC business for over 35 years. Please visit our HVAC section of our web site.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our safe, durable, ease of maintenance and cost effective bullet trap systems.


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