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Busting Common Gun Myths; Can a Gun Go Off By Itself if Dropped, Are All Handguns the Same & More

There are really two types of people when it comes to guns and using them. One happens to be the people that have them and use them for sport and protection. There are the other people that cannot seem to find a reason for them or have a large fear of them. The issue with the latter is that have likely been misinformed about guns and they may be basing an opinion on myths. When it comes to fears that people have it is something that has to be treated. Most people have fears that they can get over when they learn more about the thing they are fearful of. Before you are able to form an opinion when it comes to guns there are some common myths that seem to always be going around. When you have a better understanding of the myth and have them busted you can better understand why guns are so important and are safe. Shooting Range Industries busts common myths about guns.

Can a Gun Go Off By Itself if Dropped?

One of the things that people tend to think about guns is if one happens to be dropped by accident that it will go off and shoot. This is a common misconception but it is just not accurate. Although you want to avoid dropping your gun on the ground it can and does seem to happen. One of the things you should know is that when the gun was made whether it is an American made or a foreign gun it has gone through many tests that include drop tests. This is to ensure that if the gun is dropped it will not go off. The only way that the gun will shoot is if the trigger is pulled and that is why safe handling is key.

Will Firing a Gun Make You Fall Backwards?

One of the things that you will see in some movies is when a person that seems to be a novice shoot a gun they fall back. The interesting thing is that just because you are new to shooting does not mean that the kick of the weapon will cause you to fall. The myth is for people that are not using the weapon properly. Although the myth is not real there are some people that cannot take the kick of a shot and that can cause them to lose balance. That is why it is best to talk with a professional about what size weapon to use and how to safely hold and fire the weapon.

Are All Handguns the Same?

There are lots of people that use terms such as glock or 9 when talking about any gun they see. The problem is that not all guns are the same even if they look similar. There are many brands of gun makers that you can choose from. They also come in different calibers as well a full size to compact. You can find the right size and brand that is the best fit you and what you are comfortable with.

Custom Modular Shooting Ranges for Firearm Practice & Training

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