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Busting Firearm Myths; Can a Gun Go Off if You Drop It? Can a Lead Bullet Cause a Spark & More

For those who are experienced with firearms, you may be very frustrated with all of the misconceptions and myths surrounding them. Those people who have never been around firearms may watch the latest Hollywood action movies and think that what they are seeing can actually happen. However, like much of what is in Hollywood movies, many of the firearm action scenes are far from the truth. Shooting Range Industries would like to share some of the common myths and misconceptions about firearms.

Can a Gun Go Off if You Drop It?

In many movies you will see a gun fall to the floor and it will suddenly go off, spraying a rain of bullets. Well, sorry to say, but this is complete fantasy. Firearms have an internal mechanism which is activated when the trigger is pulled. Not only is this mechanism in every firearm, but every firearm will undergo a drop test to ensure the internal mechanism is sound. The only way a gun will fire is if the trigger is pulled. Those who own firearms should be taught and trained with proper trigger control and firearm safety and handling. There are a few very rare cases where a gun has gone off accidentally. However, each time the trigger was somehow activated. There are a number of steps a firearm owner can take to prevent these types of accidents from happening.

Can a Lead Bullet Cause a Spark or Ignite Gasoline?

Hollywood loves to use this one. They create a scene where shooting a gas tank will make it explode or have a bullet cause a spark when ricocheted. Well for those who watch myth busters, you know this one is completely fabricated. A special bullet called a trace round can cause enough air friction to occur, which if gasoline is present, can light it on fire. Now for those who own firearms, you know very well that tracer rounds are not commonly used and are very expense. You will rarely ever see tracer rounds used. As for sparks, well it is very rare for a bullet to spark since most bullets are made of copper which simply doesn’t spark like other metals. So spark or shooting a gas tank to make it explode is another myth.

Do Law Enforcement & Military have Endless Bullets in a Fire Fight

When watching a movie with police or the military, and you see them shooting off their gun, wildly spraying down a building, this is not very accurate at all. Neither cops nor military have a never ending supply of ammunition. For those who ever been out to the range, you know that you can run out of ammunition very fast. When in a fire fight, the military uses each round sparingly because they do not want to run out of ammunition. For law enforcement, each time a round is fired off, that equals a mountain of paper work. Additionally, they themselves carry very few extra rounds with them.

Custom Modular Shooting Ranges Made in the USA

These are but a few of the common myths and misconceptions cooked up by Hollywood. For those who decide to own and carry guns, it is for protection and comes with great responsibility. That is why it is important to know how to safety handle firearms. For quality shooting range designs and more, contact Shooting Range Industries.

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