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Buying Your First Handgun; Concealed Carry, Sports, Hunting, Work, Home Defense Reasons to Own a Gun

For those new to guns and have made the decision to buy your first handgun, there is a lot you will want to consider. A handgun is a great investment that you do not want to regret later. For those who want to buy a handgun and are not sure where to start, Shooting Range Industries will provide answers as what to consider to determine the type of handgun that will be right for you.

Reasons to own a Gun

When buying a handgun usually there is some kind of motive behind the purchase. Some people want a concealed carry permit and wish to carry a gun for personal protection. You may want to get into shot sports or hunting, while other people may need the handgun for employment purposes.

Concealed Carry

When buying a handgun for conceal carry and personal protection, you will want to buy a handgun that is concealable. You will want to look at small handguns such as a compact pistol or revolver. You can get a compact firearm in a variety of different calibers. Additionally, when you plan on having a conceal/carry know how you will want to carry the firearm. You can carry a handgun in a purse, in a belly strap holster, or shoulder holster. Where you want to carry you conceal handgun can also better help you determine what type of handgun you can conceal more effectively.

Needing a Gun for Sports & Hunting

When you plan on picking up hunting or shot sports often there are certain types of handguns used. As there are many shooting sports, look into the specific sport and some of the best types of handguns used for that sport. As stated, there are many shooting sports and the types of handguns greatly vary. Not many people use handguns for hunting. However, many hunters do carry a secondary weapon for defense. At times animals can attack if they get the jump on the hunter. For large game you will want a strong handgun such as a high powered revolver.

Gun for Work

When getting a job as a security guard, money transportation armed guard, or law enforcement, you will need a duty handgun. Most employment agencies are fairly flexible on the type of handgun you choose to carry. However, some companies may have some limitations and restrictions. Before buying a handgun for work, check to see if there are any restrictions. For a duty handgun, you must be comfortable and effective with your handgun. When buying a duty handgun, make sure you can handle the caliber, the grip fits your hand, and you can operate the handgun properly. Never get a handgun to big or too small or one you cannot effectively take off the safety, eject the clip, or reload the handgun.

Home Defense Guns

Many people are buying a handgun for home defense purposes. Handguns are great tools for protection of your life and your loved ones. When buying a handgun for home defense. Again the gun must fit your hand and you should safely operate the handgun. Caliber is a major discussion when it comes to home defense. A 9mm can be risky and the small rounds can puncture and go through wood studs and walls. If you miss you can put your family in danger. A 45. caliber round will not penetrate through surfaces like a smaller round. However, it is essential you can control the handgun. A larger round can be harder to control. Make sure you get the right handgun for you and its designated purpose.

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