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Minimum Safe Distance to Shoot Steel Plate Targets & Methods Such as Bullet Traps, Angled Design & More to Avoid Being Hit By Ricochet!

In many shooting sports and even the recreational shooter, switching to steel targets verses the paper or board targets is becoming more popular. Many shooters are becoming addicted to the lovely ting, bong or clank the bullet makes when the target gets hit. Additionally, shooters can simply repaint the surface of each target revitalizing it…

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Some Observations on Target Range Grouping; Bullseye Shooting Accuracy, Shot Strings & Groups, Minute of Angle & More

Shooting Range Industries provide custom made indoor shooting ranges, and therefore we have an interest in targets. Shooting range rules usually dictate that paper is used so let’s start by looking at the humble bullseye target can be utilized to evaluate our accuracy, precision and ammo performance. Bullseye Target Shooting Accuracy First, precision and accuracy.…

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Hi-Tech Cedar Park, TX Shooting Gun Range Trains Police Officers & Law Enforcement for Deadly Situations

A new hi-tech gun range that was fabricated, designed and customized by Shooting Range Industries for the Cedar Park, TX Police Department is changing the way police officers, military, and other law enforcement professionals are getting trained for deadly situations. This new training puts officers in an interactive environment where they are learning how to…

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Combat Tactical Training Shooting Adventures; Range Accuracy, Target Engagement, Urban Warfare Tactics & More

Tactical training covers everything from basic to advanced techniques. Tactical shotgun and rifle training extends the capability and usefulness of the tool at hand. But for most law enforcement professionals and civilian concealed carry; handgun training and mastery are the primary aspiration. Shooting Range Accuracy of Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns The military considers a sidearm…

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Competition Shooting; Metallic Silhouette Target Shooting, Bowling Pin or Falling Plate Shooting Matches & More

Shooting at the range appeals to many types of people; some may be hunters wanting to practice their long shot, others do it for their profession, and still others simply enjoy the activity as a stress reliever. There are various forms of shooting competition; some are attractive to indoor contests, while others are more appropriate…

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