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Why 3 Dimensional Mobile Tactical Live Fire Training Shooting Targets are Better than 2D Paper Targets!

Law enforcement personnel continue to face public scrutiny over recent highly publicized cases regarding police officers using excessive force. Researchers believe that three-dimensional training targets demonstrate better situational awareness of properly established safely practices than traditional two-dimensional paper targets. Documented evidence also suggests that law enforcement and military personnel who were exposed to training programs…

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Cleaning your Firearms & Taking them to the Range for Another Round! Call us in Las Vegas for Live Fire Training Solutions, Bullet Traps & Other Custom Shooting Range Equipment!

Keeping your firearm clean will lessen the chances of a FTF (fail to fire) and keep your gun in good working condition. Every time a round is fired through your firearm the interior of your gun is exposed to carbon, lead and copper. This residue is left sitting in your firearms barrel, chamber and action.…

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Shooting Range Industries; Custom Manufacturing, Range Equipment, Targets & Law Enforcement Products – Proud to be an Exhibitor at NSSF SHOT Show 2016 in Las Vegas NV!

January 19th to 22nd of 2015 was the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s SHOT Show. It is the fifth largest convention that visits our hometown of Las Vegas every year. SHOT Show is a four day event that features more than sixteen hundred exhibitors filling booth space exhibiting the latest products in the shooting, hunting, firearms,…

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Navy Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun Weapons Qualifications Courses. Call Shooting Range Industries in Las Vegas NV for Custom Shooting Ranges & Military Training Solutions

Military training poses its own set of problems especially in terms of Navy weapons qualifications courses. Obviously discharging a fully automatic weapon aboard a naval vessel is not an ideal situation. During Navy basic training recruits will qualify with the M-9 pistol and the Mossberg 500 shotgun rather than the M-16 rifle. Computerized Simulator Training…

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Self Defense Handgun Training. Shooting Range Industries Based in Las Vegas NV Designs & Manufactures Custom Portable Target Ranges for Firearms Practice & Training

It sure is some scary times we are living in. So many hate crimes and stories of people using violence to achieve their goals is constantly in the news. Reports are being shared like wildfire about people needing to defend themselves against evil doers. These stories are on social media networks or well as major…

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Shooting Range Industries Reveals the Best Kept Secret Gun Accessories for When you Aren’t Taking your Pistols & Rifles to the Firing Range

Taking your weapon of choice down to the firing range is a great way to blow off some steam, better acquaint yourself with your guns, has great health benefits, and in today’s society; it doesn’t hurt to possess skills to better protect you and other innocent bystanders. But, as with any fun hobby, accessories and…

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How a Portable Ready Range or MCSAT from Shooting Range Industries in Las Vegas NV can Help Your Police Department Academy & Law Enforcement Officer Live Firearms Training

It has often been said that firearm training for law enforcement and military needs to be both realistic and precise. In order to be both, training also needs to be conducted on a regular basis. The reality is that most law enforcement departments train with their duty weapons once per year, averaging less than 4…

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What if your Firearm Gets Stolen from your Home or Even on the Way to the Shooting Range? How to Report & Check if a Gun is Stolen & How to Prevent it

Many people choose to keep their firearms at their own home and most of them are locked up safely. A good gun safe can make all the difference when keeping you and guests that are visiting your home safe. Many home gun safes are not bolted down and if someone broke into your home they…

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