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Choosing the Right Light Bulb Brightness Lumens Scale; Weapon Mounted Light or Handheld Flashlight?

When you are purchasing a gun for home defense use, you want to have a light included in the bundle. There is a debate as to whether a light mounted on your weapon is better or a handheld flashlight is better for home defense situations. They both have their pros and cons and Shooting Range Industries would like to talk about them.

Weapon Mounted Light

There is no debating the convenience of a light mounted on your weapon. These mounted lights have a switch that is very easy to operate on the side. This is great for a life threatening situation. You want to make sure that the switch is easy for you to reach, since everyone’s hands are different sizes and lights vary from one to another. If you decide on a light mounted to your weapon, spend the money required to get a good one. The light will need to be durable and able to withstand the abuse it will receive when firing one round after another. A high quality weapon mounted light can be quite a bit more expensive than handheld options, but the convenience of it might be the winning factor for you.

Handheld Flashlight

When choosing a handheld light to use with your handgun, remember that not all tactical flashlights are the right fit for the job. There are several flashlight options that are well-made and can fit in your pocket, but that doesn’t mean they will work well with your handgun. You will need to find a light that is simple to use. The last thing you want in a hostile situation is a light you have to fumble with to get it to turn on. Keep it simple. You should look for a flashlight that is easily turned on with a tailcap switch and operated with your thumb. The handheld option can be much less expensive than the mounted option, just make sure you purchase a high quality tactical light.

Light Bulb Brightness Lumens Scale

Some will say that the brighter the light, the better. This isn’t always the case. There has been talk about a bright light throwing off your attacker. This may work occasionally, but most of the time, a bright light will just illuminate the room and help guide you as you use your weapon rather than throw off an intruder. When choosing a light, you should choose one with at least 100 lumens. Lumens is the word used to describe how bright the light is. You want to be able to still have some night vision after you turn the light off in a dark room. If you can’t see anything after you shut it off in the dark, the light is too bright to be used indoors and you should look for something less powerful.

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Whether you lean toward a mounted or handheld light for your weapon, it’s safe to say that everyone agrees to be successfully armed for home defense, you need a light of some kind to use with your handgun. No matter which one you choose, you need to practice in order to be prepared for any type of home invasion. Shooting Range Industries offers custom shooting ranges to get your shooting skills up to par.

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