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Christmas Gift Ideas for Shooters; Gunsmith Tool Kit, Tactical Range Bag, Nano Vault & More

Now we are in the month of December, quite a few people will be looking to check off their Christmas lists, or at least start to make a plan for their loved ones’ gifts. For those partial to firearms, getting a meaningful, yet practical gift is a lot easier than you might think. Gifting a gun can be a bit a pricey, however there are more affordable options that your gun enthusiast will appreciate. With this in mind, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to share several ideal gifts your avid shooter may enjoy.

Gun Cleaning / Gunsmith Tool Kit

Though optimal for any experienced shooter, the cleaning set is usually always a welcome gift, however, those with more experience the gunsmith trade, the gunsmith tool set might be a more unique idea. A useful set, the gunsmith tool set allows for your loved one to modify, repair, or upgrade their firearms.

Tactical Range Bag

For those that find shooting therapeutic or want to constantly improve their skills, they are likely to spend time on the firing range. Should your loved one have a currently tattered old range bag or not one at all, a high-quality range bag is a perfect gift idea. To keep everything in its own place with range bags having multiple pockets and fasteners, the gunner is prepared since the shooter can take along all the accessories that they might need on the range. Without sacrificing anything including ammo, earmuffs, safety glasses, gloves and even room for a gun or two, the individual can visit the range fully ready for any circumstances

Nano Vault or Small Gun Safe

Most handgun owners would love a small, portable handgun safe for a gift. This mini safe works well for home or for travel in the event your gun enthusiast holds a CCW permit and it meets TSA airline firearm guidelines. Both for home and travel keep curious children safer as the mini safes generally have combination locks built into them.

Electronic Shooting Earmuffs

To suppress the loud firing noises excellent quality earmuffs can help protect your shooter’s ear. Designed to filter out the louder sounds of gun shots and heavy equipment, this specific item will boost voices to a safe level. Many of the modernized models are equipped with MP3 capabilities so the gunman can safely listen to their favorite music; no matter if they are on the shooting range, out on hunting trip, or competing in their favorite gun shooting activity.

Bore Light

A bore light would make a great gift, no matter if they are an established gun collector or on their way to be. The person can easily inspect it for scratches, rust and imperfections with a bore light. It is connected to flexible tubing to provide a light source and inserted into one end of the gun barrel. This is an inexpensive idea but serves a high purpose, especially for those who frequently buy 2nd hand weapons.

Firearms Training Classes

If your loved one is just discovering a passion in firearms, or even those that are experienced with it, concealed weapons permit certification, or beginning training classes, or gifting a gun range pass can offer your shooter knowledge on handling, safety, and overall use.

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